Chinese Zodiac Signs

Many an individual when getting acquainted with Chinese Astrology is quite intrigued when they find out Chinese Zodiac Signs are named after animals. In fact individuals who are use to the Westernized version of the Zodiac may be alarmed when they first discover rather than being Taurus or Virgo or Pisces, or Capricorn they are under Chinese Astrology actually a rat, or dog or even a snake.

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However alarm is not really called for as all of the iconic named Chinese Zodiac signs possess some very good traits and characteristics within Chinese Astrology and you’ll find there is nothing shameful about being a rat or even a snake.

Chinese Zodiac signs are based on particular birth years and unlike Westernized astrology are based on a lunar calendar as opposed to a solar calendar. In order to note the distinction: the solar calendar is a general every day calendar whereas the lunar Chinese calendar significant within the subject of Chinese Astrology begins at the new moon always ironically indicated on the Westernized solar calendar and carries through on a cyclic basis to the first full moon. Also where the calendars differ is that simply explained the year within the Chinese calendar relative to the Chinese Zodiac is actually a twelve year period. Each of the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs is assigned to a year which actually once again encompasses twelve years according to the solar calendar. Most of us would like birthdays this spread apart.

In order to find which of the Chinese Zodiac signs you are categorized under you may perform a search on the Internet with respect to Chinese Zodiac signs. In order to do so type into your search engine’s browser the words Chinese Zodiac Signs and once you find a site where you can plug in your date of birth, go ahead and type in the year you were born. In this regard you will determine which of the Chinese Zodiac signs you belong. Also once you find out which of the Chinese Zodiac signs rules your year of birth you may also attain information as to what characteristics and traits you possess in alignment with the animal assigned to you. Further, you may be able to determine what Chinese Zodiac signs you are most compatible and which Chinese Zodiac signs represent adversarial relationships for you. However that said this information may be viewed very generally because in order to attain a precise evaluation as to the Chinese Zodiac signs of which you are compatible and not so compatible you will need to consult with a Chinese Astrologer.

This is because there is much more than meets the eye with regard to Chinese Astrology than determining which of the Chinese Zodiac signs you are categorized under. Other considerations have to be addressed such as the natural elements incorporated with your sign and the components of Yin and Yang which are the equivalent of harmony and balance.

However, a good place to begin at the very least is in determining which of the Chinese Zodiac signs you belong and finding out more about the general traits associated with the sign applicable to you.

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