Chinese Zodiac Symbols: More than just a Sign

Individuals interested in more readily delving into the subject of Chinese Astrology will be interested in apprising him or herself of the base of the entire matter of subject by way of Chinese Zodiac Symbols. Are they more than just a sign?

The answer to this inquiry especially as it pertains to the entire business of Chinese Astrological forecasting is a substantial Yes.

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Certainly Chinese Zodiac Symbols is at the base of the entire cyclic, systematic concept of Chinese Astrology however that said there is certainly more here than meets the astrological forecaster’s eye.

Since Chinese Zodiac Symbols are such important ingredients as to the entire subject of Chinese Astrology it is best we define precisely their origin and what it is they mean to you as far as forecasting your day-to-day living or nearby future.

There are twelve Chinese Zodiac Symbols within Chinese Astrology. This is also true of the westernized star-system version however that is the only similarity that being the number. The Chinese Astrological concept employs the iconic use of twelve animals: each represent the individual’s year of birth. In example an individual born in 1936 is a rat. A person also born in the year 2008 is a rat. Evidently from this illustration as it pertains to Chinese Zodiac Symbols it is easy to see the rat’s reign of assigned years is cyclic in nature. This is invariably true as the rat’s year is occasioned to twelve of our solar years since the Chinese calendar is much different than the Western version. When you consider the Chinese calendar as it pertains to Chinese Zodiac Symbols you’ll find the entire subject matter of Chinese Astrology is based primarily on their lunar calendar which runs in 12 year solar increments. This means twelve years on our calendar only equals one on their lunar calendar. After all is said and done this translates that a total cyclic period pertinent to Chinese Astrology runs its full course over a sixty year period before beginning again. What this means to you only your Chinese Astrologer knows for sure.

The twelve Chinese Zodiac Symbols within Chinese Astrology in numbered-sequential order are as follows: The number one position is held by the clever rat. The second position is apportioned to the ox. The tiger holds third position. After that in numbered fashion are the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

The way you find out which of the Chinese Zodiac Symbols belong to you is to do a search on the Internet with regard to Chinese Zodiac Symbols and find a site where you can type in your date of birth. After doing so you’ll be able to determine what characteristics are attributable to you with regard to the animal representative of you.

Naturally, in order to consider other aspects of your future a more intense assessment by a Chinese Astrologer is preferred as the entire business as previously illustrated with regard to Chinese Astrology may become quite involved.

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