Colon cancer early symptoms

Colon cancer, 3rd most common type of cancer, is found in the large intestine. It is also known as colorectal cancer as it affects the colon and/or the rectum as they are both part of the large intestine.

The cause of colon cancer is not thoroughly known yet however there are several factors that could us at risk for developing this cancer such as: alcohol abuse, age, diet, genetics among others.

Colon cancer early symptoms are almost non-existent, unfortunately.

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Usually, the cancer has progressed in its advanced stages before it is diagnosed. This is the reason why colon cancer screening is highly important. The screening could detect the early stages of colon cancer – even before any colon cancer symptoms start to show.

Bloody stool is a common colon cancer early symptoms but it is not easy to detect any blood in the stool. A test called FOBT or Fecal Occult Blood Test detects blood that could not be seen by the eyes. Although blood in the stool could also mean the presence of anal fissures or hemorrhoids as well, certain foods can make the stool red as in beets, red licorice and watermelon and so bloody stool alone cannot be considered as colon cancer early symptom.

Bowel activity could also give the doctors ideas as to what is going on inside. The size of your stool, if it is thin, may indicate an obstruction, perhaps a tumor, blocking the passage even perhaps the presence of a polyp or even hemorrhoids. This is used as a colon cancer early symptom.

Constipation is a non-specific colon cancer early symptom. Usually, constipation is a sign of many other conditions other than colon cancer however chronic constipation alerts the physician that this could be something more serious. And the feeling that you constantly have to clean out your bowels after just doing, report this to your doctor. This feeling could indicate the presence of a tumor.

When the colon has a tumor blocking it, abdominal tenderness or pain may occur. The presence of gas pains could also be due to a tumor as the tumor does not allow the gas to pass easily through the body. This could be a very vague colon cancer early symptom.

Exhaustion or fatigue that seems to last longer than usual and could happen for no reason at all. This is usually accompanied by anemia, which is lost through the stool (bloody stool). Although fatigue seems so generalized, it could not be ignored as one of the colon cancer early symptoms.

It is worrying as people are embarrassed to speak to their physician about their bowel movements and because of this, early diagnosis of colon cancer is almost always hard to detect. This is why colon cancer screening should be done. This screening, colonoscopy, is recommended for people over 50 years old. If you have a family history of any form of cancer, especially colon cancer, then your doctor may recommend for you to have your screening before the age of 50. There are other methods of screening that could be done too, be sure to discuss this with your physician. Always remember, early detection is almost always ensured a better prognosis.

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