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It is very tempting after being in a relationship for awhile to find out by way of a compatibility horoscope just how uniquely compatible you are with your partner or companion.  Questions may crop up in your mind such as are we really meant for each other?  Will our relationship last?

Also when we are in a new relationship with regard to the compatibility horoscope it is at this stage that we may wish to assess as to whether this new individual is “the one” or our lifelong possible soul mate.  It just can’t be helped:  The compatibility horoscope gives us each a unique way to satisfy our curiosity about the outcome of a new relationship or the duration of a current relationship.

So what is a compatibility horoscope?  Well for one thing the compatibility horoscope is not what you’d term as a general horoscope.  Many persons who are married and individuals who are in the process of developing serious relationships will use compatibility horoscopes to assess the quality of their relationships.  The compatibility horoscope will let you know how companionable and how well you will get along with another sign. Search the Internet and you will find many sources and sites providing you with information as to your personal compatibility with another star sign.

That said although the compatibility horoscope can be a helpful tool it should not be your primary resource in assessing the overall quality of the relationship.  The compatibility horoscope is better used in strengthening your current or future union.  In order to use compatibility horoscope properly establish why it is you appreciate your current partner.  This can be performed on several levels as it pertains to the compatibility horoscope.

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Within the first level of the compatibility horoscope there is discussion with reference to spirit and mind.  This refers to emotional compatibility of the union and determines overall harmony.

The second level of a compatibility horoscope deals with physical attraction between the two persons.  How physically attracted the two star signs are to one another relative to the compatibility horoscope is very significant to the relationship.

The third plateau of the compatibility horoscope is how desirous each of the partners is of the other.  It is suggested true love cannot exist unless this element is present.  In this regard you have heard the saying “You can’t help who you fall in love” and this area of the compatibility horoscope covers it.

The fourth level with regard to the compatibility horoscope deals with cosmic type of love.  This is the last area of true compatibility. The cosmic love factor determines how easy it is to love the other individual within the relationship and without restrictions. In other words, how possible is it for you to love the other star sign without expecting anything back.

The best way to use a compatibility horoscope is to assess the relationship on the varying levels and determine what areas within the relationship that need improvement and ask yourself if you are willing to make the effort.

Whether you answer yes or no to the question may have a great deal to do with your level of true compatibility with the other sun sign as well as your own unique traits associated with your sign.

The compatibility horoscope summarily may be a beneficial tool in forging a stronger bond in an established relationship or getting a newer personal relationship off to the right start.

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