Criminal Record

Criminal record is the compilation of an individual’s criminal background. This consists of the details regarding the crime for which the person was punished, the type of punishement, the judicial system that is responsible and all his personal information.

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This is mainly used by the employers or lenders in order to understand a person’s reliability. Each nation and jurisdiction of a country follows a set of general criteria for the information to be stored in the criminal record.

Generally criminal record may contain all criminal offences and travel offences. In some nations the data may include only place where the person was proved guilty and the court that declared him guilty while in others it includes arrests, charges dismissed, remaining and even cases for which the person was acquitted. The last is a case of denying civil rights and morals because the person is not allowed to resume innocence even for the cases which are not proven.

In Canada, criminal records are placed in Criminal Records Management System; a nation wide data system functioned by Royal Canadian Mounted Police under Canadian Police Information Centre. Criminal records have been placed under two sections –typical and susceptible. Susceptible sector is named as minor (below 18 years of age).Criminal record check is a step for achieving safety clearances. Illegal offences can be pardoned either by Governor General of Canada, National Parole Board or through an order by central govt.

In Hong Kong, criminal records are kept by the Hong Kong Police Force. The national authorities of this country don’t allow the access of the data by employers or school purposes. Here the crimes can be pardoned by Chief Executive by their will. The records are considered to be spent records if the crime was the first one, imprisoned for less than 3 months or penalty was less than $10,000 and 3 years have been passed after punishment and no new crime have been filed since then about the convict. All Hong Kong nationals planning to accept babies or migrate to other countries are allowed to obtain a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction that is issued to the government centre and not to applicant.

In United Kingdom, Criminal Records Bureau is responsible for keeping the criminal records; where as Police National Computer has a partial right to use. These records cannot be viewed socially without the authorities’ permission. Crimes that have not been proven to be true will not be added to the person’s criminal file. Improved revelation shall contain these additional data and they may be valued for considering an applicant for positions in public works or police works.

In United States, criminal records are assembled and kept on restricted, state and central levels by various regulation enforcement agencies. Their ultimate intention is to provide a complete criminal story mainly for the use of recognition, service, safety authorization, visa problems etc.

Criminal records may be expunged. Once it is expunged then all sort of arrest data and the corresponding judicial cases are removed from the social records.Eventhen when looking forward for a job in a public sector or with extreme security matters a person must admit that he has been detained and then as expunged. In a national system there is no post assurance aid possible rather than Presidential Pardon.

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