Dash diet guidelines

Many researchers and scientists have estimated that the diet plays a major role in the development of hypertension and high blood pressure. Hence, they have advised a balanced diet for the sake of controlling blood pressure and hypertension.

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Doctors have advised that a routine eating plan can go a long way in avoiding these sorts of diseases. For this, we go for the dash diet guidelines. Let us first see as to what is the dash diet. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It is mainly a scheme or a routine schedule which aims to reduce increased blood pressures by avoiding harmful food items and encouraging the consumption of food items that are rich in saturated fat, total fat and also cholesterol. The dash diet guidelines also advise the patients to eat more leafy vegetables and fruits for a balanced diet. The dash diet guidelines stress the need for consuming food items that are rich in magnesium, protein, fibers and potassium. This is the chief aim or objective of the dash diet guidelines.

The dash diet guidelines consists of more servings of grains, vegetables and fruits than you would have been probably used to before adopting this diet. A small risk here is that it will make your body rich in fiber thereby increasing your chances of diarrhea. A person would usually find it hard to adapt to this plan all of a sudden. Hence, gradual practice has to be taken in order to accustom oneself to this sort of diet.

The advantage of adapting to the dash diet guidelines is that it will increase the nutrients in our body in such a way that it will help us to minimize blood pressure and other health related problems. Suppose a patient eats about 1900 calories a day, he will get the nutrients namely 4300 milligrams of potassium, 1100 milligrams of calcium and 430 milligrams of magnesium.

The best way to start the dash diet guidelines is to compare it with your normal diet and find out what items are missing and what items are repeating. In case several of your food items are repeating, then you only need to accustom yourself to a few food items.

Even though this may seem to be very simple, it is very hard in real life to practice the dash diet for a sound health. The dash diet can also help to decrease the insulin resistance over a large amount of deal.

Dash diet includes the following:-

* Grains

The servings on a 2000 calorie diet are around 6 to 7 servings only.

* Fruits

In the case, the servings for a 2000 calorie diet are around 4 to 5 only.

* Vegetables

The servings on a 2000 calorie diet are around 5 to 7 servings only.

* Fats and sweets

The servings on a 2000 calorie diet are limited.

* Meat, fish and poultry

The servings on a 2000 calorie diet are only 2 servings or even less.

Thus, the dash diet guidelines have been discussed as above.

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