Deer antlers for sale

The Deer antlers for sale are generally big and complex in structure in almost all the types of dears. The female dears have a worm like antlers and male have a carious and rebind antler.

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The female deer’s antlers for sale are generally small as compared to the male deer. every enter has been grows from point attached in the head say pedicle from this point the enter will grows, this include by heavy muscular skin it is generally called velvet its gives air and minerals to the increasing bones; again the antler has reached its proper length, the valve is loose and antler bone is dead. This lost bone shape is the same as the older antler.

The antler acts as bug hading gains. That is discovered by George and Peter Bubonic and published the European Journal of wildlife in March 2008. The uses of the deer antlers has many application like the antlers those are destroy to every time fell in the land they are collected by peoples and those can be used many application like making a furniture’s, hand wash and sport materials etc.

The different kinds of the deer antlers for sale are as follows.

Fallow Deer
Irish Elk
Red Deer
Block tailed deer
Fallow deer
Elke or Wapitis
Arches Mades of Elke Antler
Antler at the starts of the season
Mules deer missing a antlers
Sambars Deer with a thin, forked beams for antlers

Some of the biological characteristics of the deer antlers for sale as follow.

The shape: the shape of the antlers is different in the both male as well as female deer. In the male deer the antlers are in cylindrical shape, these are protects the head of the deer both the right angle as well as middle of the skull, and the fork.

The size: the average size of the adult deer is in the range of 1.8 to 2.1m .the largest size of antler is occurred in the species Alaskan which can be standard over 2.1m i.e. 7ft at the shoulder

The weight: the weight of the antlers is different in the both male as well as female. The adult weight of the male deer is in the range between 380 to 720kg i.e. 850 to 1580 pounds and in the female deer is 270 to 360kg i.e. 600 to 800 pounds

The structure and reproduction: the antlers are strong interaction between the male and female species. The males are polygamous and it will attracts with many females, in this case both sexes will collide to each other male produce huge sounds it can be hear up to 500 m form away, and female produce less sound as compared to the males. The female have a eight months gestation time, new born one is reddish colure.

The deer antlers for sale are different for cost according to the factors like size.wight, structure and shape of the antlers.

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