Diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation

The important aspect of colonoscopy is the bowel preparation. Many people have confusion on the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation.

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They wonder what a proper diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation is. To clarify this doubt, we will explain it clearly. The bowel must be prepared properly before colonoscopy. The bowel preparation may start some 3 or 4 days before the colonoscopy. The diet has to be taken special care of before a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is nothing but inserting a long tube inside the anus. It can be a bit painful. The tube is inserted into the anus in order to observe the inside of the colon. This step can be used in order to detect colon cancer and polyps especially in the early stages. For this, the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation must be known. Before you go for a colonoscopy, it is advisable to visit a doctor. The doctor would prescribe a diet for the patient to follow before the colonoscopy. This requires changing the eating habits some 3 or 4 days prior to the colonoscopy. This diet is fashioned in such a way that it will totally eliminate or reduce fiber which is present inside our body. The diet would include food items such as boiled chicken, cheese, eggs, skinless potatoes, white bread and white steamed fish. The patient is ordered to consume these food items before the colonoscopy process is started. Some other doctors may recommend the patient to go on a liquid diet so that it is ensured that the bowel is empty. The doctor would prescribe a list of what all food items to avoid. Food items such as fruits and nuts must be completely avoided. Rice is also not appropriate to eat before a colonoscopy. Red meat and vegetables are also recommended by the doctor to avoid eating.

We are down and dusted with the solid food. Now, let us see as to what all to avoid in the liquid foods section. Liquid foods such as milk and fruit juices must be completely avoided. Other items such as wine, beer and vodka must also be completely stopped. Milk based drinks are also asked to be avoided 3 or 4 days prior to a colonoscopy.

The doctor would also prescribe a list of food items to eat on the day of the colonoscopy. This is the best diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation. The only meal that we would eat is breakfast which would include 2 eggs that are either boiled or half boiled. It can also be a good practice to eat white bread toast. Eating something light is very important because it prepares our body for the sedatives and laxatives that we would be given in the later stages. The day before we go for a colonoscopy, it is advised to drink large amount of liquid food such as caffeine, fat free broth, water and tea.

Water must be drunk periodically for every 1 hour.

Thus, the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation has been discussed.

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