Directory Of Hotmail Email Address

If any one wants to know the directory of hot mail email address then they should search on any search engine. Windows Live Hotmail was known as MSN Hotmail.

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It is also referred as Hotmail. It is a free email service. It is operated by Microsoft. The founder of Hotmail is Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail was the first website to offer email services. The name of Hotmail referred HTML.It is the language used to create web pages.Html was founded by venture capital. This language was acquired by Microsoft in 1997.The current version of Hotmail known as “Windows Live Hotmail” was announced in 2005 and it was released in 2007.

The storage of Windows Live Hotmail is 5 GB. The storage capacity of Hotmail expands as and when required. You can find hotmail in many languages. Ajax programming technique is used by Hotmail. It has many other features.
It contains keyboard controls. It gives stability to follow the map around the page without using mouse.
You can search the messages by using syntax.
Pop3 access is available for all the Hotmail email accounts.

Hotmail also has the feature of Audio player. This player plays MP3 after checking for viruses. Directory of hotmail email address has integrated with Windows Live People to keep the information up to date. The Directory of hotmail email address was redesigned to give an Outlook-style appearance. The appearance was to view the inbox and messages at the same time.

MSN services include white pages and Yellow pages. White pages are initiated by white pages. COM. It is a free phone source, Directory of hotmail email address used for business.

You can find contacts in the MSN Member listings. The white pages of telephone directories are a list of telephone numbers, addresses and names off subscribers. The directory also contains information of electronic data bases, subscriber names. It also contains network id, in the type of phone directory. It contains information on office phone number, location and Directory of hotmail email address .

Many users can find Directory of hotmail email address and particular information which they want to get. They can find Directory of hotmail email address and names, profile of a person in the hotmail directory . You can search the person with white pages Look up and MSN hotmail Email services. MSN Hotmail is the collection of internet services, which is provided by Microsoft. The Directory of hotmail email address are a kind of free service among all the services.

How to get more information about the Directory of hotmail email address .
We can get email address through online search with the reverse email lookup. You can search the email address and directories through reverse email address.
You can search the name of the person of the hotmail email address.
You can get your IP address.
You would come to know whether the particular hotmail user is spammer or not?
There are many hotmail email address directory available. These directories will provide you with no results. You need to search through web 2.0 directories to find the particular
thing. After using the email sites, which uses web 2.0 for the reverse email search, you need to pay fee for the searches. But the charge is not too much for searching a thing. You will be happy to pay the fees.

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