Disney Cartoon Characters

Cartoons can be taken as the most fascinating and the most fantastic moments while we were watching in our lives. Every cartoon serials as well as the movie give us a moral story and will not be boring to watch at any time again.

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Disney cartoon characters have the capacity to refresh your mind from stressful moments in your life because of, designs, their different colours as well as their presentation. Disney cartoon characters are the favorite entertainers for most of the kids and even adults. The cartoon which I like the most is PINGU a cute little penguin. Among all the cartoons in the cartoon world, Walt Disney’s Disney cartoon characters are the most popular in the world and also most fascinating and pleasure full to watch. There is no age bar to watch cartoon. It is famous among children, adults and also the grown ups as well among world wide.

Most famous Disney cartoon character and also the first was the Mickey Mouse. Everybody who likes cartoon likes the famous Mickey Mouse. May be no one is there who is from any background and kid who is not a fan of this tiny hero Mickey Mouse. Considering all the Disney cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse stands on top if voted and the most popular and one who is accepted world wide among all the Disney cartoon character till now whatever he has created till now. The first appearance of Mickey Mouse was made in ‘Steamboat Willie’ at the Colony Theater named in New York City in 18th November, 1928. After being a successful in his first appearance as debt at Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse was the super star who has showed up in screens in 120 different cartoons or even more. In 1950’s Mickey Mouse was even a star in top shows like ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ TV shows. At present, at the Disney theme parks are much famous among the audience, which is located in many different places around the world. The title Mickey is the respected one among most of the kids, even among adults in different countries and also it is the title of a principal welcomer Mickey Mouse And the Gang includes Mouse, Minnie ,Minnie and Mickey Mouse ,Donald Duck ,Daisy Duck ,Donald & Daisy Duck ,Pluto, Goofy and Chip and Dale.

The other Disney cartoon characters which were created by Walt Disney are as follows.

Aladdin an his gang : Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, Abu and Sultan and Bambi
Cinderella and her Gang : Cinderella,Mice,Prince ,Step Sisters and Step Mother ,Castles ,Lucifer ,Coaches and Fairy Godmother

Pooh-Pooh Piglet Pooh and Piglet Rabbit Tigger Eeyore Kanga and Roo Owl Christopher Robin Lumpy Hefulump Lumpy New Pooh and Freinds 100 Acre Woods New Pooh and Friends Easter

Lilo and Stitch :Lilo Stitch Lilo and Stitch Lilo and Stitch Christmas Tinker Bell And Peter Pan:TinkerBell More Tinkerbell Clipart Peter Pan Tinker Bell And Peter Pan Captin Hook Wendy John and Micheal Lost Boys Tiger Lily Smee Nana Crockadiles Misc. Peter Pan Characters

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