Does borax kill fleas

We love our animals, we love our cats and our dogs and we baby them sometimes, perhaps treat them like one of our children OR your children may treat them like their babies. Whatever it may be, it is undeniable that our pets are members of our family.

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Because of this, it is not unusual to find our cats and/or our dogs sleeping or laying next to us. It is very sweet but it is also concerning since no matter what we do it is almost evident that our lovable pets has fleas.

Fleas are pests, they are parasites that are so hard to get rid of. I wonder, does borax kill fleas? We sure hope so. For, if our pets are bothered by these fleas, and they bite, they bite humans too and sometimes because their bites are so itchy, that itch could turn into an infection. So, how do we get rid of them pests?

Does borax kill fleas? Well, some swear by it and would use nothing but borax since it is cheap and easy to use and some people treat their home with borax.

First, you’ll have to figure out if your pet does have fleas. It’s hard to do but if you see your pet scratching away, chances are they have fleas. The fleas are so hard to see and hard to catch. In order to get them off your pet, a flea comb may be used but even then, they could evade the comb. So, why don’t we prove the question, does borax kill fleas?

Vacuum your house, including under the furniture, wash the sheets where your pet mostly lays on. On the carpet, choose a small area first and sprinkle some borax on a small area and let it sit for a while. If the borax change the color of the carpet discontinue the use if it does not then go ahead and prove – does borax kill fleas.

Sprinkle some borax on the area you think would have fleas. Do not shake the box empty nor leave the area looking like it just snowed, instead a light dusting on the material is enough and lightly rub it into the material by either a broom or a cleaning brush.

Does borax kill fleas? Well, let it sit there for a full day. While doing this make sure you keep your pet and children away from the area you are treating for this is toxic to them. Make sure you don’t have any moisture on the borax for clean up would be tough.

After 24 hours, vacuum the area where you sprinkled the borax. After vacuuming be sure to throw that bag out or empty out the vacuum when you are done. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly.

Before doing these steps, besides cleaning the house, I would recommend bathing your pet to help kill the fleas. Although bathing could kill the adult fleas, it does not kill the eggs. If you have a highly infested area, I would bathe your pet every 2 weeks and would do the borax treatment as often as I could and I would choose different areas where the pet frequents. Clean thoroughly and do the steps again until you feel you’ve rid of those pests.

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