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You must have heard about many search engines Yahoo and Google being the most popular ones. And there is a new entry into this search engine market too that is Bing.

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Every body is aware of this new search engine and has already started comparing it with Yahoo and Google. Dogpile search engine is one of the oldest search engines and was most popular in the earlier days. It was one of the best and most used search engines before Google. Dogpile search engine always gives you an accurate result for your search and you will get a number of search results for a single search in just a few seconds.

Google and Yahoo claim a greater part of the traffic of the search engines now but this was not the scenario earlier. In the earlier days there were more than a dozen search engines and only one or two of them were able to give good search results. But with the invent of the Dogpile search engine the search engine concept was redefined. It provided more information than ever on the search engines. If anyone had to search for something over the internet the first preference was given to Dogpile search engine because it was easier and faster to search for information with it.

Let us take a deeper look on this Dogpile search engine. Late in the 1900’s, actually the meaning of Dogpile was a bunch of search engines containing various features from all their rival search engines. The Dogpile search engines were incorporating a totally different approach to search for the information that was requested by the users. This search engines had there internal database containing huge information. The database consisted of information collected from various websites. They used a method to take out information from other search engines, modify the result and give that information to the user in a simple format listing all the best search options for you.
These type of data is known as metadata and the information collected in this way is called Meta information and search. This search engine was not the first one to start this concept but the information available through this search engine was the most reliable and popular. It was a reputed search engine of it’s time. People always trusted the information available through this search engine. Before Google and Yahoo this was the most trusted search engines of all times and till now some people are using this search engine to get exact results for their search.

The creator of Dogpile search engine Mr. Aaron Flin was not satisfied with the search results of Yahoo and other search engines present at that time. So he started learning to write code that was going to get data from the major search engines including Yahoo and several others. By 1999 he managed to list over thirty various search engines and databases which were shown on the this search engine homepage and were used to provide combined search results to the users from all these search engines. The search engine was named Dogpile search engine because it collected information from all the search engines, digested it and then used it to create useful data and expels the rest.

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