23 Sweaters Left! Now What?

Today was probably the most productive day thus far!

We ended up with more than enough sweaters for all the outside dogs here at our local shelter.

indexoIn fact we have a few left over. So instead of letting these dogie sweaters go to waste, we are going to call a few more shelters tomorrow to see if they can use them.

We have 23 left and Id hate to just throw them away. Im sure there are plenty of dogs that would appreciate them.

I think its pretty safe to say at this point, winter is here to stay and its not getting any warmer.

I wish we could just keep buying and recycling these sweaters for these dogs but we can only do so much by our self.

But at least I know we are helping as many as we can.

A part of me feels like Im sick of looking at these sweaters anyway but the other part of me cant help but think of all the other dogs out there in little towns all across the country. Just wish we could do more. But It looks like our duty is coming to an end.

This has been a lot of fun through and Ive enjoyed blogging about tit. Thanks to everyone for the emails and support. Overall this has been a great experience. It doesn’t take much to make a doggy happy and warm and Im just glad we could be a part of this.

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7 thoughts on “23 Sweaters Left! Now What?

  1. Im glad to hear it went well. We have a dog shelter here in Franklin County that could probably benefit. Im sure if you gave them a call they’d love to take those extra sweaters off your hands.

    Good job guys!

  2. I might have some old sweaters you can use. I usually make a trip to the salvation army about his time of year when sorting through the kids old clothes and getting rid of the ones that dont fit them.

    If you can email me an address to send them to Im sure I can find some. Then you can recycle them and donate them to the shelters.

    Just email me the address to send them!

  3. Hi, I have a TON of pet clothes and toys that our company would like to donate to you. Can you please send me your address?


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