A Visit To The Animal Shelter

Today marks the day of two important events. The starting of this blog, and the eye opening experience that has lead us to start of this blog.

As I write this I wonder how many people are warm in their homes while thousands of shelter dogs are left int he cold. Today our family set out to have some fun by visiting our local animal shelter.

Its something we try to do at least a few times a month, if nothing else just to remind us of how lucky we are to have a dog with a warm home. But this time of year it can get particularly for some of these dogs.

Our local shelter takes in more than 10,000 animals per year and As the population of the shelter increases, more and more dogs are forced to remain outside in the cold. Currently, as I’m writing this the chill factor is 48°F and the wind is blowing 17 mile an hour with a cold front headed our way.

And we live in the deep south. So I can only imagine what the dogs up north are going through. This shelter is the last home some of these pups will ever know. And almost all the funding dog shelters receive come from private resources and donations. (not the city).canine1

While I understand many of these dogs will never find homes (although troubling) it hurts me to think that their last resting place ESPECIALLY during the holiday season would be a cold, dark hole.

I stepped out for just a few minutes to take the trash out tonight and couldn’t wait to get back inside in the heat. I can only image what it must be like for these little guys right now as they shiver through the night (ALL Night).

I can understand that some people just cant afford to adopt. And I can even understand (to a certain extent) that this may be their last resort. BUT I cannot for the life of me understand why ANY dog should have to suffer through this cold winter chill!

So after much talk, Alisha and I thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to our local Good-Will and see if we can find some old sweaters. Actually Alisha came up with the idea for dog sweaters, and I came up with the idea for recycling them.

And here’s what we’ve got so far.

canine2We were able to purchase 12 hand-me-down sweaters at a decent price (normally worn by humans) and with a little creativity (and Alisha’s amazing sewing skills) make doggy sweaters!

I was surprised at how easy it was to make these into doggy sweaters. I pictured it begin a little more difficult than this. But I guess with a little creativity anything is possible.

We even tried a few on our dog Dexter and he loved it!

I think this is going to be a lot of fun! I will do an update tomorrow.

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