Duration of flu symptoms

Flu is a common disease and it is rarely fatal. The fly symptoms appear usually some 6 to 7 days after the person had come into contact with the flu causing virus.

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Once the symptoms appear in the person, then he/she is attacked by a heavy fever which may last for some 5 to 9 days. It depends upon the resistive power of the person. Once the fever goes away, then the person will not recover immediately. The person will feel very tired and fatigue will be clearly evident.
Symptoms of flu

  • Fever

The first and foremost symptom of flu is the presence of fever. The fever may be usually high in the case of infants since their resistive power of their body will be relatively low. The fever may last anywhere mostly up to a week in the case of adults and up to 10 days in the case of children. When fever is encountered especially in the western countries, it can give rise to flu. Hence, proper medical advise is necessary.

  • Headache

This is another common symptom of flu. Headache is usually prevalent during fever. Headache causes severe acute pain in the region above the right eye and also above the left eye. Headache and fever complement each other really well. This symptom cannot estimate whether the person is affected by flu or not since there can be many other reasons also for the outbreak of headache.

  • Muscle aches

This is a clear symptom of flu. The important characteristic of the flu virus is to cause muscle pain in the body. Places such as the shoulder, arms, legs and ankles are known to experience sharp muscle pain. Ointments very rarely work in repelling this pain. The duration of muscle aches may be up to a maximum of 3 or 4 days.

  • Chills

A person who is affected by flu will almost surely experience this symptom of flu. Chills are experienced by the body even thought the patient is inside a relatively warm room. Due to the chills, the person may experience shivering also in bouts. Chills may last as much as 3 or 4 days after the onset of fever.

  • Fatigue

Due to the presence of the flu virus, this symptom can be largely experienced. The affected person will feel tiredness or fatigue even when he or she does small exercises such as walking or running or jumping. Almost everyone who are affected by flu are known and reported to have this fatigue which stops from doing their day to day activities till they recover from the flu disease.

  • Running nose

This is also a good symptom of flu. Patients of flu disease will experience a continuous running nose during flu disease and also after the disease has subsided. If the flu disease has subsided, the running nose will always continue even after the disease has gone away. Running noses are more common in children even though adults are also known to experience this.
Thus, the duration of flu symptoms have been discussed.

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