Earliest symptoms of kidney disease

People may be suffering from kidney disease and may not even be aware of it. The earliest symptoms of kidney disease could be so subtle that it is either easily ignored or go unrecognized.

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As we know, the best prognosis is early diagnosis. Clues to look for are:

* urge to urinate but nothing happens when you go to the bathroom
* if your urine is foamy and either very dark or very pale and bubbly – these could all be earliest symptoms of kidney disease.
* sudden swelling of the feet, ankles, hands, legs – these could all mean that your kidneys are starting to fail.
* Believe it or not, changes in sleeping habits is also a determinant or is an earliest symptom of kidney disease.
* Dizziness or sudden anemia could be caused by kidney disease
* Frequent nausea and/or vomiting could mean that waste is building up in your blood stream as well as itchiness as the waste could also be present in your veins.
* Sudden change in the taste of the food you eat. The changes are not subtle as you will notice that the foods you enjoy may taste different. If you taste iron in your mouth or the presence of bad breath is also an earliest symptom of kidney disease
* Shortness of breath even in low impact activities such as climbing a set of stairs – if you notice yourself always out of breath by doing simple things then this could be the earliest symptom of kidney disease.
* Sharp pain in your back or side – the side of the affected kidney would be sore and sometimes that side could also produce cysts on the kidneys.

With the above – mentioned symptoms the most common symptom for kidney disease would be retention of fluids or water in the body. This shows up through swollen ankles or feet and hands. When this swelling occurs without any reason for it then go see your physician to determine the cause for the swelling.

If you experience any one of the above listed symptoms go see your doctor right away. A series of tests and lab work will be done for proper diagnosis.

If the tests come back and you indeed are suffering from a kidney disease then you’ll have to see a nephrologists and he then could suggests different treatments and/or drugs for your condition.

If you have a family history of kidney disease then it is best that you mention this to your doctor so that he could be alerted of tests that you would need to prevent or catch the disease early on. If kidney disease could be prevented through a variety of natural ways then speak to your doctor about it as well. Be proactive and don’t wait for the disease to catch you instead fight it and prevent it from affecting you.

Living a healthy lifestyle, having the proper diet, exercising, vitamin supplements, eating your vegetables and fresh fruits and frequent doctor check-ups should help keep the disease at bay – not only kidney disease but other diseases as well. There is a way to live a healthy life and it could be easy enough if you chose to make it easy. However if the disease has afflicted you, know how fortunate you are to have treatment available to help you fight the disease and help you live a close to normal life.

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