Egg grapefruit diet

The egg grapefruit diet is mainly meant for people who wish to shed weight fast. This is a reliable diet because it can help fat people to shed pounds quickly within a few days of following the egg grapefruit diet.

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The egg grapefruit diet is generally a fad diet and it has gained popularity in the recent years due to the fact that it is a quick way to lose weight. There are also several rumors that several super stars and models have lost their weight due to the egg grapefruit diet. The only problem of following this diet is that there are several versions of the diet in the net and it is hard to find out which one is actually correct. This form of diet is also called as Mayo clinic diet. Let us now explain the diet clearly below.

Whatever be the version of this diet, start off your breakfast with a couple of eggs. The eggs can be prepared as an omelet or it can be full boiled also. Whatever be the mode of preparation, make sure that you do not exceed 2 eggs. Follow it up with grapefruit. Eat half a grapefruit or you can even drink a glass of grapefruit juice. Finally, sign off with 2 pieces of bacon. This is breakfast for you in the diet. Another version of the egg grapefruit diet holds that you got to consume eggs, grapefruit and then drink coffee.

For lunch, eat grapefruit and some eggs as you did for breakfast. Have some salad after you have completed the eggs. Finally, finish the lunch with any meat. While eating meat, make sure that you do not over eat the meat. Another version holds that you consume the same items as given above. In addition to that, you got to eat salad, 1 piece of bread followed by some coffee.

For dinner, grapefruit and eggs are a must. Eat some salad with dressing. Drink coffee. Eat some meat or even fish whichever you like the most. Another version says that you got to eat salad and lettuce in addition to the eggs and grapefruit that you will usually eat.

There are certain rules to follow in the egg grapefruit diet. We got to eat until we are full to stuffed. Water is an important part of the diet. It must be a practice to drink at least 7 to 8 ounces of water. Coffee must be limited. Do not drink too much amount of coffee as it is not good for this form of diet. Do not eat sweet potatoes, bread and white vegetables in large quantities. It would be more than good if you avoid it completely. Make sure that you do not have any snacks in between the meals. It would be equivalent to over eating. If you are interested in shedding pounds fast, then follow this diet for 12 continuous days and then take 2 days off to be your normal self. After the 2 days, start to follow the egg grapefruit diet again.

Thus, the egg grapefruit diet has been discussed.

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