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If someone you don’t know sends you an email, it is natural that you will search the owner’s email, even the email is unfriendly. By knowing a sender’s identity you can decide that you want to reply to the email.

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With a reverse search you can get the data like phone number of that client that you get email recently. So you won’t be put up with frequent unwanted messages from individuals who invading your online privacy.

In order to search the owner’s E-mail address, there are two tracing methods in order:

1. IP trace – In IP tracker query box enter the IP address of the email owner on a website providing this service. It provides the location of the computer, hostname, ISP name and more. The IP trace service will not provide you email owner’s identity. But you can search other useful information, if you want to file a complaint. In order to search the IP address of the message sender, you just access their email message headers through the email client using by you. Then look for four groups of numbers divided by dots enclosed in square brackets.

2. Reverse email address lookup – Enter the address into the provided search box by searching a website which offers a reverse email search. You can run more than one search according to your interest because various websites includes different email sub domains in their directory list. In order to search the address of owner’s email you have to access a lookup that includes the email provider in their database. You need to pay a small fee to conduct a premium search if a free lookup is unsuccessful.

3. Using Finger command

Using Finger command you can search the name of the owner’s email address.


You can search whom that email is registered to and also it is possible to search the social networking site which is associated with that email address.

Finger service is supported by most Internet servers. But some service providers may disable it due to privacy and security concerns; in that case you will not be able to search the owner’s email address at that service provider. If this service is active, it indicates whether a given user is logged on to the system and also it provides other optional information provided by the user.

4. By using Finger gateway you can search the owner’s email address without downloading any software.

There are still few more sites similar to this service that protect users privacy but still it allow users to access a friends email address. There are also few companies on the internet that will allow you to do a reverse email search .It also helps to search the owner’s email address including all the data like phone number. But they will charge a small fee per search or you have to register for a membership and you can conduct as many reverse email searches.

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