excel 2007 not responding in vista

Excel 2007 not responding in Vista is a very common problem, and one that can be very frustrating for those that use it on a regular basis. For man people, Excel either won’t open, it freezes, or everything crashes and shuts down.

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Since many businesses rely upon Excel for various types of reports this is a huge problem.

This will occur with even minor changes, such as changing the size of a cell or the font size to make things more attractive on the spreadsheet.
Individuals that have contacted Microsoft for assistance due to Excel 2007 not responding in Vista have been told to uninstall it and then reinstall the program. Yet they continue to have the same problems as before with it working like it should. Sometimes it will eventually continue with the process, but it can take several minutes to do what it should be able to accomplish in a matter of seconds.

Another response that people are getting from Microsoft about Excel 2007 not responding in Vista has to do with the size of the files they are formatting. Yet many people are commenting online that they are only working with small sized files, and still getting the same problems with Excel 2007 working properly.

What many people have done is gone back to the Excel 2003 format, because they are able to complete their work without any problems by doing so. Yet those that have paid for the updated version of Excel feel that they should be able to get their money’s worth for it.

If you fall into that category, you should contact Microsoft about a refund. They are well aware of the problem with Excel 2007 not responding in Vista. While they are struggling to find a way to fix it, they are also losing money. Yet they will honor the fact that consumers have paid for the Excel 2007 and that it isn’t providing them with the benefits that were promised.

If you are still working with Excel 2003, hopefully this information will encourage you to hold off on investing in the upgrade. Right now you have a program that does work well and that is the best you can hopeful until a solution is found for this situation.

What Microsoft is now recommending though is that those with Excel 2007 not responding in Vista to uninstall it, and then to patch it with the Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 1. Many consumers have found this to be a good solution that allows them to be able to use the Excel 2007. However, it does seem to still operate much slower than the 2003 version.

Other users have found that by eliminating various add-ons that they have on their computer they are able to run Excel 2007 without any problems. This may be an option for you unless you need to use those add-ons on a regular basis with your computer. You also want to look in the formulas area to make sure Formulas Inconsistent with Other Formulas in the Region isn’t enabled.

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