Exercises to increase vertical leap

Athletes and other sportsmen always look forward to improving their vertical leap. Increase in vertical leap can guarantee more success.

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By strengthening the legs and also the muscle fibers in our legs, we can increase the vertical leap. There are several exercises to increase vertical leap. The exercises to increase vertical jump are very simple and they can be done by almost anyone who wants to increase his or her vertical jump. These sorts of exercises are very useful for people who play basketball, football and volleyball. Now let us see some simple exercises to increase vertical jump.

The first step to starting the exercises to increase vertical jump is to warm up. Warming up the muscles may go a long way for a perfect exercise program. Some of the common warm up exercises are stretching the arms and legs and also jogging around for a few minutes. It sets the tone for the muscles and keeps it warm and fresh and strong. Jumping ropes can also be used. They help us to condition the body. Another way to warm up is to run up and down the stairs for a few times until you face some sort of pain in the muscles. The pain is nothing but activation of the muscles. It has to be kept in mind that these types of exercises must not be overdone. If they are overdone, then chances are that you will get completely exhausted before you even start the exercises to increase vertical jump. These warm ups must be treated only as a small exercise before the big one.

The exercises to increase vertical jump mainly involve exercises that are specially created for jumping. The following exercises are generally done to increase the vertical leap. The advantage of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere and anytime.

The first one is to take deep knee bends. Make sure that your back is kept straight and then gently bend the knees in a slow motion. The next step is to crouch as much as you can. Repeat the same set of steps for about 15 minutes or until you feel weary. This exercise ensures that the strength of the muscle near the legs is strong.

The next exercise is the toe raises exercise. The first step involved raising the leg. The next step is to touch the tip of the toe with the help of your hand. Repeat this for a few times. Do this exercise for both the legs. This simple exercise is mainly for increasing the strength of the thighs and the muscles in the thigh region.

The next exercise is the stomach crunches. Gently lie back on the floor. Make sure that the back is fully straight. Then, rise up slowly by lifting the shoulders from the floor. This simple exercise can be done regularly either in the morning or in the evening. It can increase the strength of the muscles around the stomach region.

Thus, the exercises to increase vertical jump have been discussed.

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