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Are you looking for a family guy episode guide? At the end of this article you will find the family guy episode guide (season 8). Family Guy is an American animated television sitcom.

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Family guy is created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The creator of family guy that is Seth MacFarlane created a short film in 1995 entitled the life of Larry while he was studying at the Rhode Island School of design. The family guy episode guide is available in many websites.

MacFarlane got the idea for the Family Guy in 1999. He was developing it out along with his two short films. This caught the attention of Fox (TV channel) and they gave $50,000 to MacFarlane to make a pilot. McFarlane completed the 11 minute pilot after six months of hand animation.

After reviewing, Fox gave the green light to Family Guy as a series. The family guy episode is stated in1999. Family Guy’s cancellation was initially announced after the second season, Fox decided to make another season. After 3rd season it was truly canceled at the end of 2003.
Family Guy returned to production in 2004, making four more seasons (for a total of seven). The show celebrated its official 100th episode during its sixth season in November 2007.

Family Guy and its cast have been nominated for eleven Emmy Awards and it own three awards.
The Outstanding Voice-Over Performance went to MacFarlane for his performance as Stewie.
The Outstanding Music and Lyrics award for the song “You Got a Lot to see” from the episode “Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows” went to Murphy and MacFarlane.
The Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation award has gone to Steven Fonti for his story-board work in the episode “No Chris Left Behind”.

The family guy episode guide for season 8 is given below. Since the all 7 episode of family guy are over, I do not want to give the details of them.

Episode number: 8×01 Date: Sep. 27, 2009 Show name: Road to the Multiverse
Episode number: 8×02 Date: Oct. 04, 2009 Show name: Family Goy
Episode number: 8×03 Date: Oct. 11, 2009 Show name: Spies Reminiscent of Us
Episode number: 8×04 Date: Nov. 08, 2009 Show name: Brian’s got a Brand New Bag
Episode number: 8×05 Date: Nov. 15, 2009 Show name: Hannah Banana
Episode number: 8×06 Date: Nov. 22, 2009 Show name: Quagmire’s Baby
Episode number: 8×07 Date: 7 Nov. 29, 2009 Show name: Dog Gone
Episode number: 8×08 Date: N/A Show name: Jerome Is the New Black
Episode number: 8×09 Date: N/A Show name: Big Man on Hippocampus
Episode number: 8×10 Date: N/A Show name: Partial Terms of Endearment
Episode number: 8×11 Date: N/A Show name: Business Guy
Episode number: 8×12 Date: N/A Show name: Dial Meg for Murder
Episode number: 8×13 Date: N/A Show name: Brian Griffin’s House of Payne
Episode number: 8×14 Date: N/A Show name: Extra Large Medium
Episode number: 8×15 Date: N/A Show name: Go, Stewie, And Go!
Episode number: 8×16 Date: N/A Show name: Peter-assment
Episode number: 8×17 Date: N/A Show name: the Splendid Source
Episode number: 8×18 Date: N/A Show name: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

The special episodes of family guy are given below.
Special Nov. 04, 2007 Show name: Family Guy 100th Episode Special
Special Nov. 08, 2009 Show name: Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show

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