favorites do not work in internet explorer vista

Have you discovered that favorites do not work in Internet Explorer Vista? If so, you aren’t alone. The fact that many people use their favorites on a regular basis makes this a very frustrating problem.

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Some individuals panic that their favorites have disappeared from their computer. They are still there though, but Vista isn’t reading them like it should.

What often occurs is that the folders for the favorites all continue to show up. Yet the drop down menus from there aren’t in place for you to select the links from them and open up web pages. What it will do when you attempt to open them is just open a new windows that has those same folders showing up in them. Then if you try to add favorites, you will get a message that they already exist.

One way to find out for sure though is to test it out with another browser. If you are able to successfully open up your favorites with one of them, then Vista is the problem. First, you want to remove any add-ons that you have on your computer. This can be frustrating though if you will be using them on a regular basis. You also want to turn off automatic updates relating to Internet Explorer Vista.

Some people have been able to resolve this problem after performing the above mentioned steps. Yet in order to be successful you have to add one more step – rebooting the system not once but twice. It isn’t fully understood why it has to be done twice but the rate of success when it is only rebooted once is extremely low.

Take a good look at your programs on your computer as well. This is especially important in a business setting. If you still have Internet Explorer 6 on the computers then this can be why favorites do not work in Internet Explorer Vista because it is a newer version. The system could be getting confused with both of them in place.

Another option that may work for you is to try to import your favorites with Internet Explorer Vista. If you originally copied and pasted them from another program such as Windows XP the system may not be able to read them accurately in Vista. While it should have given you a permission error initially when you did this, it won’t and that is why many users assume that everything was done correctly for use in Internet Explorer Vista.

You may be able to get some help from Microsoft and their customer service team as well. Should you not be able to find a solution on your own that works, turn to them because it is definitely an issue with Vista. There is no reason why you should pay for such software to not have simple benefits with it. If favorites do not work in Internet Explorer Vista you want to get it resolved instead of struggling and making the use of your computer inconvenient.

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