FBI agent requirements

FBI refers Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is defined as “A Federal law of an enforcement agency that is the principal investigation arm of the Justice”. The FBI job includes dealing with the organized crime, counter terrorism, drugs trafficking, civil rights violations and violence.

FBI agent requirements job of an FBI agent is very demand and its very stress job.

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FBI job deals with protecting the economy from terrorists and investigation of criminals. It is dangerous and it requires a lot of will power and patience. Being an agent is not easy task and tight to gets any time for him. There are specific FBI agent requirements. And also you will definitely do well if you like to help or serve the public and are determined to the face obstacles. The FBI agent can be assigned with investigation and special tasks. They also have to do undercover operations for which they get special training.

FBI agent requirements, training of an agent depends upon the work they get. FBI agents are assigned the specific units of investigation. FBI agents also have to undergo a training of 16 or 17 weeks after recruitment. The FBI agent requirements are as follows: Min age required for FBI agent is 23 years. The FBI agent applicant must be a American citizen. The person must possess a 4 year bachelor’s degree holder from any college officially recognized by one of the regional or national institutions authorized by the United States Secretary of Education (USSE).He must have minimum 3 years of work experience and with a valid driving license.

The FBI agent requirements are also include, the FBI agent applicants must qualify in any of the under the special agent entry programs. That is Diversified, The Law, Information Technology/Computer Science, Accounting or Accounts and Language. After qualifying in any one of the above special agent entry programs, the agent applicants will be tested for their skills. The following below are the critical skills for the FBI agent requirements: The Diversified Experience, Information technology/Computer Science Expertise, An Engineering Expertise, An Intelligence Experience, Accounting, The Finance, The Military Experience, Law Enforcement/Investigative Experience, and Foreign Languages Proficiency.

The above critical skills are necessary for doing the good way of working of the FBI agent requirements. The FBI candidates who possess more than one of the mentioned skills will be given to the preference. And the next step in the recruitment of an FBI agent is the physical requirements. The candidates those who are qualifying in the critical skills have to undergo some tests which will be prove that they are physically fit to be agent. The test that will be follows, those are the candidate would have to run for about a mile an a half and the assessment would be done by the setting a timer. The candidate would have to do push ups according to his capacity. The candidate would have to compete for 300 meter sprint. The candidate would also have to do a max number of sit-ups.

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