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Encalc is an best example for Free online scientific calculator..

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The strength of this Encalc lies in its ability to handle digits (units), parenthesis and dimensional analysis.Its dimensional analysis defines variables,constants and data base.Scientific formulas and brackets are also supports to Encalc.

The brackets contains parenthesis.Data base in Encalc contains varieties units, some of standard fundamental units are as fallows:-
1.Second denoted by ‘s’
2.Kilo gram denoted as ‘kg’
3.meter as ‘m’
4.Ampere is denoted as ‘A’
5.Candela is replaced by ‘cd’
6.Kelvin is ‘k’
7.mole is denoted by ‘mol’ and so on.

Some of other units affiliate market are:-
1.Uniform Currency is mentained at international market the supported currency are doller of USA, euros.

Other geometrical fundamental units are:-
1.’rad’ is a symbol of radian
2.strerdian is denoted as ‘sr’
3.’bit’ is a binary digital form of number system includes ’0′ and ’1′
The free online scientific calculator’s data base contains other scientific symbols or units namely:-
1.force unit ‘newton’ as ‘N’
2.pressure unit pascal as ‘pa’
3.energy unit joule as ‘J’
4.power unit watt is used by the symbol ‘W’
5.Voltage measuring unit volt as ‘V’¬†and other units like Columb,hertz etc..

The free online scientific calculator contains some of American units, such as Distance measurement units are:-
1.inches by the symbol ‘in’
2.feet as ‘ft’
3.yard as ‘yd’
4.mile as ‘mi’
5.rod used as ‘rod’ itself
6.perch, furlong, statutemile and many other units are used as in their original name that means they have no symbol.
Time measurement units are:-
1.second is used as ‘sec’ and in some of calculator ‘s’
2.minute as ‘min’
3.hour as ‘hr’
4.day as ‘d’ and in some calculator it is denoted as ‘da’
5.week as ‘wk’
6.sunnight, fortnight,month, year, leap year,decade, century and many other time units are used by calculator to give exact time of the incident.
Angular Measurement units are:-
1.radian as ‘rad’
2.degree is uses in the form of ‘deg’
3.’arc sec’,arcdeg,arcminute are the units of circle.
Numbers are:-
1.one to ten
2.ten to hundred
5.bilion etc..
Some of standard international constants are:-
1.pi is equal to 3.142
2.Gravitational constant ‘G’
3.light constant ‘c’
4.leap year and all the constants are supported to scientific calculator.All the units of CGS system, MKS system and SI units are supported to Free online scientific calculator.These calculator are supports binary, hexadecimal, decimal, octal number system.And it also offers a conversion system that means binary to octal ,octal to hex ,hex to decimal and viseversa.
Computer units are:-
3.bits or bps
4.meg its value is equal to 2^6
5.gig is equal to 2^10
The Encalc supports prefixes also.Pre fixes are the abbreviations.
1.tera -e^12
3.exa-e^18 etc..
where e is the exponential or naper’s constant.
Calculator includes many Mathematical functions are:-
1.logorithemic functions
4.algebraic functions
5.trigonometric functions
6.geometric functions
7.inverse trigonometric functions
8.exponential functions
9.obsulute value etc..
Logical comparision units are:-
1.less than >
2.greater than <
3.equal =
4.not equal !
And many more options are provided by Free online scientific calculator, so now it is a part of our daily life.

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