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It is possible to find a person free of charge through web directories and yellow pages. Electoral register is also used to find the people without any charge.

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But it is difficult to find using electoral registers.

In order to find the people without any cost, follow the instructions. List all the possible personal information of the person you looks for. Use the internet search site or public search engines to look for the person without any charge. You can use the information like phone number and zip code to find the person. Also by signing up the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace etc you can search the person without any charge. Also you can write a personal ad on some websites that are free of cost. It is the easiest way to find the personal without any cost.

Before few years, Search Engines and white pages were used as the best methods to find people online without charge. But nowadays it is not enough to proceed with a large population database. Many records and files of people are kept in internet which makes the process of finding people without charge easier. Yahoo and Google are the two service providers offer the service of finding people without charge. If you type the name of the person in these sites to search a person without charge, it will display too many results.

In Google, Phonebook is used to find the people without any charge just by typing their name and the city in it. Google Alert is used to track the name of the person.

Reverse search also permits you to search the person without charge by using their email address or phone number.

Social Networking sites are also helpful to find the person without any charge. To find the people through this service, name search can be performed. It is one of the simplest ways of searching people without any charge. It is difficult to find somebody without charge using this network, until you sign up in these sites.

For example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the highly famous social media. If you know the organization of the people you are searching, LinkedIn will be the best to search for the people. Another popular email service to look for the person without any charge is HotMail which is owned by Microsoft which is the part of MSN Live. If you want search for the people using this service, you have to sign up in it.

In professional networks, many records of government are also available for public view. So people can use this network using social security number to look for the people like nurses, engineers, mechanics etc without any charge and find people from those records. For many professions when someone gets accreditation they will be filed in their records. It may be nursing, law, engineering, mechanics, accounting etc just to give examples of a few.
The other important thing is there is a chance that many number of people may use the same name and surname. So it is essential that you must know extra piece of data about the person you are looking for.

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