First spreadsheet program

Are you trying to learn a spreadsheet program in Microsoft excel. You can do your first spreadsheet program by calculating some items using Microsoft excel.

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Mainly this spreadsheet program is used to calculate large sums and store large databases. It is used in almost all the organizations nowadays. So if you are a job aspirant then you should know how to use spreadsheets. It is basically used for estimation of costs in many stores as accounting software. If you are a contractor you need to learn your first spreadsheet program as early as possible. Microsoft excel spreadsheet can be used as a software for calculating and making graphs and reports for various types of businesses. It’s not that hard to use this software you will need only about a week’s training to master the techniques in using the spreadsheets.

In this article you will learn how to design your first spreadsheet program easily. Many tutorials are available on the internet which gives full fledged training for using Microsoft excel spreadsheets for your business, home or any other purposes. This program is designed in such a way that it will make your tasks simpler and minimize your workload to a great extent. Now what you have got to do is first of all open the Microsoft excel in your computer then open a new file just like you open a file in any other program. An excel spreadsheet will appear in front of you. To start with your first spreadsheet program enter some values in the rows of the first column then you can select the rows and put the formula like the sum or subtraction etc. and press enter the results will be displayed in front of you within no time. If you can master the use of formulas in this software then you will be able to do most complex calculations in minutes.

Suppose you are in a painting business then you can calculate the footages of the baseboard, ceiling, and square by using some formulas. You can insert your own formulas like if you want to multiply two sums then just put a multiplier in between the two sums. One basic property or formula used in spreadsheets is the v Lookup formula. Just type v lookup and then the phrase you want to look up the software will automatically search for that phrase in that particular page and return it to you. There is also the sum and subtract formula which are very simple yet very useful while performing calculations.

So now you are ready to make your first spreadsheet program. It is much easier to learn this in office 2007 because it contains a whole lot of new features and it supports 10 lakh rows and around 65 thousand columns so that there is no difficulty is performing large scale calculations in minutes. Theoretically it might sound a bit tough at the beginning but as soon as you start practicing it in your computer you will start enjoying it and would love to use it again and again. Thus you can conclude that its not that tough to perform your first spreadsheet program.

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