Fix a hangover

Partied all night, didn’t yah? Had a lot of fun? Matter of fact, had too much fun you really don’t remember what happened during the party … And now, the day after, you are suffering from the worst hangover EVER. Well, you deserve it but that said, let’s see if we can fix that hangover.

There are so many suggested fix for hangover and most of them do probably work – let’s discuss them here.

The most common complaint after partying too much is the feeling of dry mouth or feeling dehydrated.

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When you get up in the morning, if you can get out of bed, go ahead and rinse your mouth with mouthwash, not that your breath does not smell enough of alcohol, but rinse your mouth away. Then, go get yourself a glass of water and drink as much as your belly can hold. Don’t over do it as drinking too much water, all of a sudden, could make you feel nauseous and probably even make you throw up. Drink that water slowly and fix a hangover.

Coffee has been an old remedy for the longest time. It is said that caffeine helps rid of any headache. Besides that, that warm coffee can help soothe your upset stomach.

Aspirin is said to be a good fix for a hangover. Take 2 aspirins with water, again, drink slowly so as not to upset your stomach.

Taking a shower not only helps rid of that alcohol stench hanging on you – but a hot shower helps fix a hangover, ridding of that headache and the rest of that bodily pain that comes with the morning after partying.

Fix a hangover with a breakfast high in protein and fat but not greasy. That food with protein and fat will not only help by filling up your hungry stomach but it is said to be the best cure for a hangover.

Have another cup of coffee. By this time with that glass of water, a cup of coffee, aspirin, shower and breakfast, another cup of coffee should be making you feel a bit better.

If you have an upset stomach, then introduce drinks and foods slowly otherwise you’ll be emptying everything in your stomach to the toilet bowl. Go slow if your stomach is unsteady. Matter of fact, stay in bed or lay on the couch and get your energy back slowly. Take that aspirin even if you have to drink a little bit of water with it. Wait it out until your stomach settles and then reach for that cup of coffee. Something warm and soothing to the belly would be nice.

While we are trying to fix a hangover and if you are feeling well then go ahead and eat and hydrate yourself. Trying your best to be active will keep your mind off your hangover – if your mind can function. However, if your stomach is feeling well but you feel absolutely “out of it” then grab a sports drink and boost up your electrolytes. Again, however, drink slowly – the sudden introduction of anything liquid to your belly could only cause nausea and vomiting and now, not only will you try and fix a hangover but you’ll be trying to fix that upset stomach too.

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