Flea bites on humans

So you think fleas only bite our pets? Guess again. They enjoy biting the pets’ owners too.

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Fleas like the areas where the clothes are wound tight, especially on the legs and the waist. Some people are very sensitive to flea bites and the bites could turn in to an infection. Flea bites on humans could affect both adults and children and both could have a bad reaction from flea bites and who’s the carrier? Why, your pet of course.

Flea bites on humans are itchy and red and could look like an ant bite. They are so small and so often times we do not even see them on us plus, they are long jumpers. Flea bites could transmit such diseases as the bubonic plague, tapeworm larvae and murine typhus. The fleas’ saliva carries anticoagulants that keep the blood flowing on their host.

Luckily, flea bites on humans could be treated at home. The use of oral antihistamine could be used to reduce the itching and some swelling if there is any inflammation. The first thing to do to a flea bite on humans is to wash the bite with an antiseptic soap. Wash it with cool warm as warm water could increase the itching sensation.

Using hydrocortisone on flea bites on humans could help reduce the itching. The same goes for the use of tea tree oil. Calamine lotion could also be used to control the itching as well as Vick’s Vapor rub – the menthol in the rub may ease some of that itching too.

Use ice packs or cold compresses on the bites if they are swollen. Again, oral antihistamine could also help with the swelling. If the bites get worse, go see your doctor for you may need either an antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics.

Treat your pet with flea baths to get rid of the fleas. Soaking any sort of shampoo on your dog for 10 – 15 minutes would kill the fleas although it would probably not get rid of the eggs. Using tea tree shampoo on your dog is said to deter the fleas from the dog plus mixing vinegar in your dog’s bath could kill the fleas too. There are pills that you can give your pets to get rid of those pesky fleas.

Clean your house, vacuum and spray with any flea killers. We like to use “flea bombs” after we clean the dog. We change all the sheets in the house, vacuum thoroughly (throw the vacuum bag out after vacuuming the house) and start the “flea bomb”. We stay out of the house for about half the day. When we get back in the house, we vacuum again. During the time you are bombing the house, get your dog out of the house too. We usually clean out the porch and while we are bombing the house, we leave the dog on the porch.

Remember that there are natural remedies to get rid of the fleas on your pet. Some of the over the counter treatments to get rid of fleas on our pets could be harmful not only to humans but also to the pets themselves. Ask your veterinarian of the best flea deterrent and always check with your veterinarian before you give any oral treatment to your pet.

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