Fluid in the lungs symptoms

There are many disorders that may lead to the accumulation of fluids in the lungs. This is dangerous because it can interfere with the normal oxygen intake.

Fluid in the lungs symptoms are…

  • Shortness of breath

This is one of the basic symptoms of the presence of fluid in the lungs.

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Since fluid is present in the lungs, the normal breathing tasks becomes too difficult. The victim cannot give out large breaths. Breaths that are inhaled and exhaled are in short sequences.

  • Sleeping problems

Sleeping problems are one of the common symptoms of the presence of fluid in the lungs. The person who is affected will have trouble sleeping flat on his stomach. For such people, it is advised that they sleep over a couple of pillows to enhance the flow of breath. This is an advice given by doctors.

  • Wheezing

Wheezing is prevalent in the case of fluid when it is present in the lungs. People who have this problem will develop wheezing when they run or walk quickly for even small distances. People who have wheezing problems are advised to visit the doctors as it can be prevented at the start itself through breathing exercises.

  • Weakness

When the normal breath flow is not proper, then the person will experience difficulties in breathing. When breath becomes heavier, automatically the person will feel weakness. Energy pills are not likely to work and it is a good measure to visit a hospital for a complete diagnosis.

  • Pounding heart rate

People who suffer from fluid in the lungs have this general symptom. For no reason, the heart pounds at a rapid rate. Many people will ignore this as a common sign of tiredness but it is not so. It means that the fluid level n the lungs have considerably increased.

  • Chest pain

Since the lungs are located close to the chest, the fluid may go near the chest and disrupt the normal operations of the other parts of the body. This causes chest pain that may be very serious at times. Chest pain during sleep may arise.

  • Swelling

This is another usually symptom of the presence of fluid in the lungs. The ankles and legs may swell up. It becomes hard to walk or run for even short distances. Even though swell relieving tablets may occasionally help, it is often advised to get proper medical attention before things get out of hand.

  • Fever

Fever is another common symptom of the presence of fluid in the lungs. Fever may come and go and the patient will always be in a state of sickness. Fever is also accompanied by headache. Headache will usually be prevalent in the region above the right eye and also the left eye occasionally. In these times, it is necessary to go for a medical checkup.
Thus, the common symptoms of the presence of fluid in the lungs have been discussed to good effect above.

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