Foods that can help me lose weight

It such common conversation topic – how to lose weight. If you are like many out there who constantly go to the gym or workout and yet can’t seem to lose weight, it could be that your diet is off.

Over the years we’ve all heard of the different diets available from Atkins to South Beach to Weight Watchers and even Nutri System or Jenny Craig – what about the cabbage soup diet? The deal is they all work if you work it but as soon as you go off the diet you gain the weight back.

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What we do not understand is that there are foods that can help me lose weight and what I have to do is to learn about them.

Salads are great! They have the vegetables that our body needs, it is low in calories but it also depends on the type of dressing you use. Using ranch or blue cheese increases the calorie count and so the best dressing would be those that are also low in calorie. What I find to be healthy and low fat and low calorie would be raspberry vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar. Again, if you would rather have ranch or blue cheese or the likes – reach for low-fat.

Fruits are on the list of foods that can help me lose weight. 100 grams of grapes = 70 calories. They are good, crunchy and our body needs the serving of fruits. Also, oranges are good too. An orange only has 48 calories and 1 orange is enough to fill you up PLUS it has the vitamin C our body needs.

Now, if you are like me you’ve probably also heard that carbs are not good for you but would you believe that potatoes make the list of food that can help me lose weight? See, the problem is not that you are eating potatoes but it’s the way the potatoes are cooked! A potato only has 97 calories! Now, sweet potatoes are even better than potatoes the only draw back is that it has more calories, 120 calories however because it is sweeter and you can eat it alone, sweet potatoes do not require a side of anything to eat it with.

Any foods high in fiber is also recommended as foods that can help me lose weight. Fiber makes you feel full with just a few calories. When eating high fiber cereal, use low fat or skim milk to keep the calorie count low. If you need it to be healthier or tastier, add some fresh fruits as in strawberries or blue berries, even bananas.

Sprouts are good for you too and when eaten raw they are said to be good for slimming down.

In any and every diet out there the most important element that does not change is the importance of drinking water. Eights glasses of water is recommended, it is good for your skin, good source of hydration and is healthy – it has no fat nor calories! It is also said that there are times when we feel hungry but in reality our body is thirsty.

Work out, eat right – go for the fresh, leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoid trans fat and don’t rely too much on pre-packaged foods. That said, do not deny yourself a treat once in a while. Denying yourself of a “treat” could only cause binging in the future.

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