foods to avoid to prevent heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the US however it affects more women than men. There are ways to prevent this disease like: proper diet or frequent exercise.

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Because obesity can lead to heart disease, watching your weight would do more good than bad. Physically, we know people who are overweight, especially obese, does not only make the person feel ugly and self-conscious but could also lead to death which is why it is important to exercise to avoid obesity.

Eating good, nutritious food helps ensure that you are getting what your body needs and it helps keep your weight normal. Avoiding fatty meats, red meat, the use of hydrogenated oil, high trans fat count in foods like chips, products with animal fat like cheese. Hotdogs, lard, gravy, burgers and food that has hydrogenated oil in them like ice cream and avoiding too much salt in your food.

Does this mean we cannot eat these foods at all? No. But making sure you don’t consume too much. Anything in excess is not good for anyone. Eating less is also the key. In fact, unless you totally despise the above mentioned food, it has been said that cutting down on the amount of consumption will be easier and in the long run will more likely to keep it up as opposed to quitting cold turkey, just like in any diet that has failed, if you quit cold turkey chances are you’ll one day “slip” and over indulge again.

Maintain a normal caloric count – ask your doctor how many calories you should have in a day and try to maintain it.

Now that we’ve tackled some of the foods to avoid so as to prevent the on-set of heart attack, what about the foods you should eat to help maintain a good health and to prevent a heart attack?

Foods that are natural like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Include more fish in your diet, more fiber, fewer calories and less sugar. Foods with omega-3 helps protect your heart and reduces inflammation which lowers the risk of clotting – salmon is an excellent source of this and other fish that are considered “oily” like sardines, herring, tuna. If you can include this at least 2 times a week in your diet and grill your fish and add some nice, fresh green vegetables and salad with some lemon juice instead of the high calorie count dressing. Add some almonds in there too as almonds contain the healthy oils our body needs, it has vitamin E that helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Introduce more oats in your diet too. Oats has beta glucan – a soluble fiber and it helps reduce the total cholesterol and LDL. Have an oatmeal with some brown sugar, add some fresh fruit and low fat milk or better yet use soy milk.

An apple a day does keep the doctor away that’s because apples have a chemical called guercetin, a phytochemical, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and thus helps prevent blood clot.
Switching to whole grains is a healthy choice too. And don’t forget those green leafy vegetables. Not only does it help prevent heart disease but it’s been known to help with memory retention especially as we get older. Fresh spinach and lettuce would be a better choice for your salad. While you’re at it, add some tomatoes too. Tomatoes have lycopene and studies has shown that it helped reduce heart disease.
Soy can substitute on your lack of protein usually found in red meat however soy reduces the saturated fat consumption. Switching to soy milk and adding tofu to your diet can only do the body good.

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