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One of the most effective and important way to generate traffic to your website is affiliate marketing. You can use either the paid or free ways to drive traffic to your website as per your choice.

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While ‘Free Advertising free advertising’ will not have immediate results but the effect will be there for long time, whereas paid advertising will have immediate effect but as you stop paying the traffic will disappear. ‘Free Advertising free advertising’ is very much popular as everybody cannot afford to pay for the advertisement.

This article will discuss about the top three ways for ‘Free Advertising free advertising’ of your affiliate marketing website. Lot of people has misunderstanding that if they don’t pay, then they will not get traffic, but these things are not related at all. However, it is necessary that you should choose both paid and free traffic for your campaign, there are many examples where ‘Free Advertising free advertising’ has been a huge success.

· Article marketing: The best way for free traffic generation is article marketing. It will consume more time, but considering the benefit you will get from article marketing it is worth the effort. As it is free, so very much cost effective also. There are many marketing companies which make thousands of dollars with article marketing alone. Any business requires some capital investment but article marketing is a business where the start up cost is zero. Only thing which you need is to do some research about your present and future audience, then you can start with ‘Free Advertising free advertising’ or promoting of the products.

Once you do the research for your ‘Free Advertising free advertising’, then you will come to know about the market conditions and the things which customer wants to know, which you can include in your articles and post it. Generally, at the bottom of the article the link of the website which you are planning to promote is pasted, once your article is submitted, within some time you can see the traffic generation. As this is the part of ‘Free Advertising free advertising’, you can repeat this task numerous times to get better results.

· Forum Marketing: In recent times forum has taken a huge place in marketing and it has become a great way of ‘Free Advertising free advertising’. You can find forums for all kind of topics or business. Once you get the details about these forums, you can just sign up and start posting the ads with your affiliate link into your signature. So, whenever you post any message or comments the link will be shown to everybody. You should be careful that if you post irrelevant messages then people may take you as spammers, which can have adverse effects on your traffic generation programme. Nowadays more number of people are using this kind of ‘Free Advertising free advertising’.

· YouTube Videos: YouTube has also become a very popular tool for marketing, all you have to do is just create the product review and upload the video in the website. This is again another method of ‘Free Advertising free advertising’. You can include your affiliate link to the video and can see the increase in the traffic.

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