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Free on line ads are a great way to improve your websites online rankings..

‘Free advertising on line’ is a vast source of revenue. If looked from marketers prospective: more portable ads =extra income. So the advertisement has to be effective and interesting. This leads to the emergence of new web trends. These trends are variable but effective.

Few points to remember while designing Ad designs are:

· Simple designs:

Now days many organizations favor clean, neat designs. Thought process behind this: the simpler the ad is the more is its impact. It does include a key feature: easy to navigate.

· Accessible on mobile:

‘Free advertising on line ‘goes far reachable when accessed on mobile. The site if accessible on mobile is frequently used.

· Large photographic backgrounds:

It does create long lasting impact on the users. As the use of photographs easily catch the user’s attention.

‘Free advertising on line’ consists of some Ad designs. They do act as a catalyst for the popularity of the site. In order to make the Ad design more innovative, more expressive, few points should be considered. The surfing options and likes of users should be kept in mind. Few happening trends are listed below:

· Use of curves and organic shapes:

The ads are featured in the form of curves and other shapes. Previously square shapes were preferred. These shapes are more favored by companies. They are far more appealing, comforting and approachable.

· Color:

Companies now experiment a lot with color combination. Just to make the ad attractive, various combinations are created. Use of orange and blue color is prominent in many layouts. Choice of color scheme has also changes.

· Use of image:

Many companies prefer using images than articles or texts. Pictures are more expressive. A lot can be expressed without words. Stockxchng offers ads for small budget advertisers.

· Copy of ads:

The marketers now recommend this for’ free advertising on line ‘as the results are positive. With this you can get more without paying. Copying ads are easy and can be utilized for large benefits.

· Interactivity:

Interactive banner ads are used to gain back thoughts. People can post whatever they think about the company. That does helps the company to get an overview regarding what they need. Many strategies can also be implemented on the basis of views.

· Lay outs and various sizes:

Most common used size for banner ads measures 468*60pxels.It’s the most popular in the recent version of adobe. In skyscrapers ads only, only 2/3 of the ad consists of a picture. The remaining is covered by written contents.


Different fonts can be used for up gradation of an ad. Experimenting with the fonts gives favorable results.

To summarize free advertising on line is easy. But to utilize it properly it is a challenge. So new trends should be planned on regular basis. Trend setter is a leader.’ Free advertising on line ‘with utilizing ad designs increases revenues. Beneficial for both: companies with high as well as low budget.


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