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When you think of ‘free advertising online’, first thing to click you mind: assurance. Advertising and privacy are interconnected.

Ads by Google

A viewer will only choose an advertisement if it assures privacy.

Second thing striking your mind will be search engines . One of the most popular is Google. Google users tend to have more internets surfing experience. According to a study, 52% of respondents choose Google than any other search engine. It’s used as the primary site for web services. Being one of the most attractive sites, it does offer a range of advertising services (i.e. Ad word, Ad sense).The most powerful and relevant ads are shown on this site. ‘Free advertising online ‘is the best benefit one can get.

Considering the dependence of so many people on the site, Google gives privacy and assurance in return. It offers:

Transparency: It gives detailed information regarding the advertisement. Details regarding the policies followed by a particular advertisement are clearly mentioned.

Policy and practices: Offers many choices, uses really innovative ways to view an advertisement. Irrespective the person is using the site repeatedly; no personally identifying information is restored. Can use opt out procedure as well? It doesn’t collect ads based on personally identifying information without permission.

Google privacy policy: No matter whatever advertisements are viewed by people. Whatever information is searched related to a particular product/service is kept confidential. Even if you carry an interactive session including your personal details its kept private and confidential .The information is not misused.

As you tube is acquired by Google. So the users do have two options: can opt for YouTube account system or Google account system. After the acquisition you tube does offer some very attractive features. Few of them are described.

You tube offer various type of video site activities. Whenever you view an ad a link flashes stating ‘download the video’. Additionally uses the information based on types of videos frequently searched. You tube uses stores a browser with relevant interest categories. These categories show the ads based on the videos frequently watched. For ex-if you search for sports related ads, it will relate your search with sports and feature lots of ads related to sports.

You can also use Ad preference manager. Using this you can edit the list of interest categories.

The advertisers cannot identify you personally with the above mentioned technologies. It only helps them to deliver the more relevant ads for the users. ‘Free advertising online ‘is also benefited by this way. More relevant ads are showcased more the increase in popularity and profit. ‘Free advertising online’ does follow some policies related to the flexibility of users. One such option is opt out procedure. If you receive a lot ads but not relevant, can simply click on opt out button. After this the browser won’t collect information regarding your interests. You will receive the same number of ads but not of your interest. This states the search engine focuses on privacy.


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