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A Calculator or Calculating machine is a device for performing numerical computations, which in whole is designed to easily carryout specific operations, rather than for flexibility. It may be of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic or even online that is for free and not qualify as a Turing machine.

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Since these Free calculators online are available for free they can be used whenever required at that moment itself.

At the beginning, mechanical and manual aids such as abacuses, comptometers, Napier’s bones, slide rule, adding machines were used for some numerical work. This manual process was confusing and error prone. Then in 1960’s electronic calculators came into existence that is handheld microelectronic devices, compared to the calculators that were large as computers in the past. Then it was further modernized to pocket calculators. It is a small battery-powered or solar powered electronic digital computer developed using integrated circuit and semiconductor technology.
Based on the required purpose Free calculators online vary in their complexity. A simple one has a single number memory and with only four functions- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which is useful for everyday activities such as shopping or checking a bill. These simple calculators have already been incorporated in other small devices, such as mobile phones, pagers, wrist watches etc. The complex ones will have substantial memory and ability to execute moderately complex programs that include complex mathematical functions related to engineering or accounting. Some of the Free Calculator online applications are algebraic equation solvers, financial models and even games.

As the time eloped and due to a huge development in the technology, these calculators were incorporated online by some websites and were made available for free.
These websites support varies range of calculators such as mortgage/amortize calculators, budget calculators, tax calculator, calorie calculator, advanced calculators such as fraction calculation, percent, discrete mathematics calculation, algebraic, geometry-plane and solid, statistics, game and sports, word problem, graphing calculator, comparing loans calculator, calculators for affordability, calculating monthly payments, calculators for refinancing, pre-equality calculator, calculators for early pay-off, that calculates closing costs, that calculates savings, calculator that calculates only interest, free quote, angle measurements, currency converters, moving calculators, travel calculators, poker odds calculator and so on. The above kind of Free calculators online can be used for home, school, work and in any sort of environment. For example If you want to change your house then there are sites that will help you out in finding the house which you can afford and also help you to calculate your monthly mortgage payments, as well as their interest rates. These kinds of sites are very useful and provide different calculators for each of these purposes. is one such site that facilitates the features of Free calculator online. Like this there are many websites available for performing calculations online that are for absolutely free. These are very useful for performing online applications that may be both simple and complex. So depending on these factors, there exists many websites that support many online calculations when required.

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