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Ever since the home computer became popular, there have been free computer games (also called ‘shareware’) widely distributed to PC owners as a means of showing off a developers’ prowess (and also to get them to buy the next batch of games that weren’t free). Although the computer games industry has come a long time from those early free computer games distribution models, today’s industry works in somewhat of the same manner.

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Nearly ever new computer game being released on the market will give out free computer game demos to prospective customers in order to help them make the decision to buy the full game later. Why would these companies give out free computer games, you ask? Firstly, everyone’s PC is just a little bit different, and just because a game works bug-free at the developers’ PC doesn’t mean that everyone at home will be able to run a computer game without problems. Providing free computer game demos gives the enduser a chance to see if the software is compatible with their hardware before putting down money for it. It also allows the developers to fix any bugs that may arise (once the people playing the free demo find them) before the final full retail version gets sold.

One of great things about the free computer games, besides fact they are all free, is variety. In case, you may make the game out of that then somebody has thought of that & made it. Also, there are many games out there, and free to play these games, in many different categories. As they are free, in case you do not like this game that you are playing, you can then switch to the different one. Prior to you know that you are deeply involved in the game, which you actually enjoy.

Free computer games have evolved quite a little in the recent years & many are giving you the new features, which are very hard to pass-up. Example, lots of people now sport the multiplayer options, and allowing you play & interact with the people from all over the world. After that, to kick-up competition & challenge, lots of games have an added leaderboard showing top scores, which give you more and more motivation to get it better & play harder. Also, there truly is nothing just like having the name on top of the leaderboard for game, which many people play. There are a few very great & in depth free computer games that are available for the download, which rival and in my view beat out majority of retail computer games out on market. Thus in case you have not tried free computer games online or else have not yet played any in some years then it is the perfect time to look what is available & get playing one now.

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