Free Disney Land Tickets

Disneyland is place were everyone want to spend there vacation, might be a children or adults, everybody wants to be there once in a lifetime. Its best holiday spot.

Free Disneyland tickets include entry to both of the Disneyland resorts that is it includes entry to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

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Disneyland ticket price is based on the age limit. Children below age 3 get a free entry into the park and children with age 10 or over have to pay as per adult’s norms.

Free Disneyland tickets ranges from children $123.00, Adults $143.00 to Children $179.00, Adults $204.00 is based on the way of booking the tickets and no of days of reservation. You can also get an Annual passport which ranges from $174 to $389.

About 90% of families overpay to be at Disneyland. There are lots of secrets to buy cheap Disneyland tickets with great discount and to really enjoy the holidays. There are many travel agencies and websites which provide the way to buy cheap Disneyland tickets. They can also help you to find the resorts you want to stay and the hotels that can provide every need, thus providing the tickets that easily fit into our budget constraints.

There are many options by which you can get free tickets to the Disneyland.

If you planning to visit Disneyland in 2009 then Disney is providing an opportunity called as ‘Celebrate Today’, wherein you can get a free ticket or a replacement gift for annual pass holder on your birthday. This offer will last till 31 Dec 2009.

First for this you have to create an account or log in to Disney account and after sign in have to proceed to free admission option on your Birthday form and sign up there.

After the registration is over they will send you a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours and later with a reminder email 2 weeks prior to your birthday. You have to keep a proper valid ID and conformation letter before entering main entrance ticket booths.

It is starting in 2010 called as GADGADD that is “Give a Day, Get A Disney Day” Disney will give away free theme par tickets to people who spend a day volunteering in their community.

Volunteer must pre-register online with nonprofit agencies nationwide for available volunteer opportunity and to be eligible for the free tickets. Annual pass holders who volunteer can get a Fast pass card. Once you have completed your shift as a volunteer at the organization, Disney will verify your session and send you an email that will allow you to get a free ticket. You can earn only one ticket per year through this promotion.

Employees of the Disneyland can get friends and family in for free at Disneyland. There are some limitation in this scheme such as number of people and timing. The higher the designation at Disneyland the special amenities or treatment you can receive at Disneyland. Even if you know any part time employee that still give you a great deal such as no waiting in line for the rides.

Another option that let you a free ticket to Disneyland, is by going to exclusive Club 33.

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