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In the present era, nobody likes to be in a bad shape that results in an inclusion with a circle of obese individuals. It is obesity that results in various diseases and desperation, frustration and anxiety leading due to overstress.

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So with this situation weight loss becomes the primary health concern among the population of youths and old age. Often the new generation end up taking lot of fitness programs offered by the health centers, fitness clubs and weight loss clinics that are quite expensive and once you discontinue it suddenly it may result in double weight gain. Free exercise programs are the best solution for this.

Having free exercise programs, one need not go to any health centers or fitness clubs by breaking the bank to afford the monthly payments of those. Just by implementing certain methodology and rules with great devotion and consistency, one can achieve the best results.

Some of the free exercise programs one can take up are as follows-

# playing Sports
Most of the youths like to play various sports. So by just watching your favorite sport on television you can learn some of the exercises that players follow in order to be fit and then organize your own program using that. Both the indoor and outdoor games play an effective role here as the indoor games helps in maintaining activeness in your body while the outdoor ones helps in both weight loss and activeness.

# Jog or Run
Wake up early in the morning and go to a park or field where you can run easily. At the beginning start with 10 minutes of jogging or running and then increase gradually up to 30 minutes a day. The most important thing about this is, it’s much easier and you can get track of your improvement over time and this will also result in quick weight loss.

# Dancing
If you like watching dance contests then try to know some of the exercises which dancers follow that help them look graceful and powerful.

# Swimming
The best all round free exercise programs includes Swimming, but it is often underrated when compared to other exercises of weight loss that results in sweat in the body as swimming wont. So choosing this program alone will not work out.

# Yoga
Practicing yoga in the early morning keeps you active and stronger. It will result in a good resistance power too. So this choosing yoga will be the better way to lose weight.

# Consuming low calorie foods
Eating healthy low calorie foods will lead to a good result, even though body requires calories to function. Try to intake less fattening snacks instead of junk foods and eat only when you feel hungry. This maintains a good strategy.

# Exercise
Practicing regular exercise by all the age group peoples is very effective as it helps in preventing disease, relieves stress and maintains fitness in the body. You can also employ some weight lifting activities by getting some dumbbells and weightlifting equipments which are of light weight.

These are some of the free exercise programs which one can implement in their daily routine to lose weight, stronger, faster, and active and hence enhance your life activities.

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