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Over the past, the Chinese and Egyptians invented the idea of sending Birthday greeting cards to our close or distant intimates as a sign of goodwill. At that time there were only handmade greeting cards that were quite expensive and that exists till date, but not all were able to afford the price of a greeting card.

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Also it takes a lot of time to send a hand made card to some one as it requires writing name and posting. So free online greeting cards serves as the best solution for this purpose as an online card store will take care of the whole process and also communicate what’s on our mind very well and easily to our intimates and build relationships.

There are several sites that offer Free online birthday greeting cards, however in some websites the conditions do apply such as advertisement of their site with the words such as free and no registration through the greeting card which makes them attractive among users and also some sites will ask for membership for sending a nice, detailed card of the occasion. It is much easier when compared to other means of sending a card.

They provide a huge selection ranging from sweet and happy to the one which is of fun and sarcastic with various templates, types and styles. You just need to include your own words to be conveyed, your friend’s mail address letting the card site to know where to send them and if u want just add logos or photos, all these require only few clicks so that you don’t have to be in front of your computer for a long time. But be particular about your card size, quality etc. It also has a key feature of providing subcategories under categories. For example a Free online birthday greeting card offers subgroups like belated, funny, friend, soul mates, companion and so on. They even include game centers, free smiley for users and also email remainders regarding certain special occasions. Sending these Free online birthday greeting cards doesn’t require any special occasion, you can send anyone at anytime to them feels special and how much they are cared and loved. Because of these extra features handmade or paper greeting cards are becoming outdated.

Some of the advantages of Free online birthday greeting cards are –
-Time saving
-It ensures that people your intimates receive your card safely as handmade cards sent may be torn off or lost when sent through post.
- It facilitates you to change the wordings around the card and add your own poetry or quotations which make the receiver to feel special.
- It also allows you to send the same card to a whole bunch of people at the same time.
- They also provide the option of mailing delivery reports to our mail address to ensure that the recipient has received and seen the card.

Some of the websites that provide free online greeting cards are,,,,, ecards4all and so on. But while selecting the site make sure that you choose the best quality website.

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