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Sheet music is a type of music notation represented in the form of letters on the sheet. You may compare these notations to books, pamphlets, etc.

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In earlier days people uses the parchment as the medium of source. Use of the term “sheet” is intended to differentiate music on paper from an audio presentation. The generic term of the sheet music is called by the name Score, which includes several types. Written form of music requires special literacy skill, although literacy skill is not sufficient to compose music. Many composers have been capable of producing music in printed form without having the capacity to read or write in musical notation. Free online sheet music websites reduces the stress of learning the musical notation and makes you to learn in the proper way to play piano or musical instrument without having to depend solely on sheet music or chord symbols.

Sheet music was used by the ancient Greeks, survived the Dark Ages, and became a significant musical force during the Renaissance Period. With the advent of the printing press, printed sheet music affected the music industry in ways unimaginable by past generations. The history of sheet music is a long one, at least four thousand years, and it has been a story of evolution and growing dissemination. Yet if all those ancient musicians could see the form that sheet music has taken today, they would find it impossible to fathom. In modern times, Free online sheet music has, like most other forms of communication, joined the digital age.

Beginning in the end of the 20th century, there was a great deal of interest in representing sheet music in a computer-readable format, as well as downloadable files. Software that can “read” scanned sheet music was called by music optical character recognition. Needless to say, this software created a completely new manner of broadcasting for free online sheet music. One of the primary advantages of Free online sheet music is the cost factor; in an online sheet music store you would land up paying 1/15th of what you would normally pay in a traditional sheet music store.
Further progress was made in 1998 when virtual sheet music became digital sheet music. The difference between the two is that digital sheet music, for the first time, allows copyrighted sheet music to be purchased via the internet. Additionally, digital sheet music files can be manipulated and altered as their virtual and hardcopy counterparts never be altered. Such an attribute makes digital sheet music ideal for instrument changes, transposition, and even musical instrument digital interface. Digital sheet music is the musical notation of the 21st century and many Free online sheet music sessions have been organized by many websites.

The popularity of digital sheet music has revived the sheet music industry, which has been languishing since the invention of the phonograph. Digital sheet music has even made inroads into professional orchestras, which are perhaps one of the most traditional remaining arenas of printed sheet music. Other musicians and software engineers continue to experiment with the digital display of sheet music. Digital sheet music has made musical notation available on a scale the likes of which its creators could never have dreamed. It is the future and the mission of the Free online sheet music tutorials.

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