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Strategy games have been played around for a long time. At times of relic people played games using figures that were mainly on table tops in the modeled battle fields.

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There are a number of free online strategy games available for game lovers. A strategy game comprises of the following features-the players included in the game, the country in which the game takes place, the aim of the play and the rules and regulations of the game. You may wonder that there is nothing new or specific with these features. Almost all the online games have the same or similar features. But the only difference comes in the way in which these features are being implemented in these free online strategy games.

The word strategy has been originated from the Greek word sounding ‘Strategos’ which has the word meaning General as par today’s language. Therefore most of the free online strategy games that are available today depict the model of a military clash or war. The word strategy alone has the word meaning the plan formed to achieve long term objective. The complexity of different strategy games is different. In a free online strategy game your sole aim might be to create or form up an excellent civilization that is from scrape into apex. Or else you might be intended to be the General who is given the charge of an Army which you to develop from the scrap provided and the aim is to suppress the enemies in order to win over the country to your side.

The features of free online strategy games may be detailed and implemented depending on factors like the medium used for the game, whether it is a computer game or a board game. The subjects of different games may also vary such as –Middle Ages,17th Century Asia, Second World War 1940s,or any other present or future war issues. As far as the free online strategy games are considered the skill and abilities of the game makers have a great deed to do.

The value of such games among the people is very great. The implementation that is used in board games is necessarily limited to the availability of the present day modeling and toy technology that is available. The experience achieved by means of a board game is actually demonstrative.

The feature territory that is being implemented in free online strategy games can be equal to 1 square mile or the size of the whole world. It becomes more feasible when you need to play with a vast area as territory since a long term aim has to be achieved. We can include the whole world as territory but the only difference lies in the experience that the player has with the include country.

By means of a computer or video game the player gets a more interactive experience as if we are in the real world. Actually you are not included in the scenario but feels so because the effect produced by the games is so great. If the game is in a first person’s perspective then the experience is damn amazing. In all free online strategy games the final or the ultimate aim is to win over the offenders.

The success over the enemy can be social, economic or military. All strategy games necessarily not intended to the confrontation. In some games victory can be achieved through some marvels of socio economic development. The rules and regulations of the free online strategy game must be well known to the player.

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