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Free online textbooks have become a solution for the acute problem of rising prices of the text books. Presently students who are unable to afford the increased prices of textbooks take resort on the free online textbooks on the Internet even though they are illegal.

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Even though distributing books online for free without the permission of the authorized people violates the rules and regulation of the copyright and this causes harm to the publishers as they are deprived of huge amount of revenue that they are likely to get as a share of the book’s sale. The study recently made by the Association of American Publishers revealed that more than 1,000 titles were published illegally on Internet which includes novels and books on current affairs.
Since students are forced to pay a huge amount for an academic book, i.e. more than $150, which is three times greater than the actual price of the text books, they find resort on the illegally published free online text books. Now publishers have started to offer less costly paperback editions based on some of the topics through Internet. They are also selling many legal electronic editions or e-books online. Many of the important book publishers have started selling many of the demanded titles in electronic form. The prices for these online books are also less than the printed version. Some of the books which cost nearly $150 can be easily downloaded for $80 only using the free online textbooks facility.

A company called Cafe Scribe sells electronic books in the form of public networks so that the Café Scribe’s customers can make online discussions with the people who bought the same book regarding their course work. There are some tutors and instructors of the famous institutions and university who publish text books electronically on their own course website. They have begun to avoid textbooks altogether. The outrageous costs of text books have now made it cheaper to go for free online textbooks. The young generation who are used to getting all they need downloaded from Internet readily prefers this method of the online textbooks. Planning to avoid the hard bonded textbooks then this is the only way out of it.

Some of the illegal texts made available online are actually the copied electronic books while some others are painfully copied page by page as paper editions by the use of digital scanners. After the copying is done then certain files are shared page by page using the file sharing networks like the most famous BitTorrent.There are a number of BitTorrent index sites through which the users can search for their needed or interested topics. None of the files stored here have proven to be illegal. These also provide connection to the networks of users having the same copies. Just a click on the link is needed to store different pages from different sites forming a complete copy. This is the benefit of free online textbooks available on the Internet. There are also downloads done from file hosting sites that helps in storing the complete copies of books in a copy. There are registered users who can sign in order to share the documents they possess to all those who visit the site. The users can either read the information or make a download for free.

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