Free Satellite Image Maps

Free satellite image maps are in abundance over the Internet. One software application free of charge is Google Earth 3D.

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The package allows you to attain in addition to maps also satellite photographs. Since the software is not exclusive in nature in the way of maps only, you can perform research that is more substantial as again satellite photos and maps are both provided within the application.

Google Earth 3D down the road can provide the land researcher premium service as well for a small charge. There are not only excellent maps which once again allow for viewing of terrain in three dimensional affect there is also excellent satellite imagery. You may with the free version of Google Earth access satellite photographs in addition to free satellite image maps. The photographs provided show images of popular and significant worldwide cities such as London, Beijing, New York, Paris, Tokyo and many more. It is even possible in addition to the free satellite image maps provided within the software package to locate the place where you currently reside. Also if you want to expand upon your research you may tilt the Google Earth on its axis in order to attain a better view of locations and topographic maps in 3D. The software gives you a very good three dimensional effect of landmarks and specific buildings.

The Google Earth 3D application in addition to providing free satellite image maps also allows its user to find out mileage between various locations.

Free satellite image maps in the form of Google Earth 3D or similar applications and respective of land based research may be used to evaluate roads, waterways and mountains. Also the zoom aspect with regard to the town or location of study is another highly significant feature.
Free satellite image maps make land research extremely easy. The software or website provides user a clear view as it regards topographic research and includes the favorable accompaniment of 3D satellite photographs. The imagery includes specific landmarks, city dwellings and commercial locations. Therefore study may be performed by the land researcher as it regards the topographic areas surrounding a town or city as well as within city perimeters. Many land researchers find free satellite image maps and popular applications such as Google Earth 3D very worthwhile tools.

The individual who also travels may find the free satellite image maps useful in locating particular areas of a city. The sense of realism they represent is ideal for the traveler. For instance if you are planning a trip to Paris free satellite image maps can give you a good perspective as far as districts since the city is divided up in this way. Also 3D image maps will be helpful in locating where it is you are staying and sites you may be interested in and around your base camp.

Therefore another way free satellite image maps are also useful is to the traveler who needs to locate sights he or she wishes to visit or find out the location as to where they are conducting business.

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