Funny Adult Games

A few funny adult games that could work with an older crowd include trivia games, drinking games, card games, and mature video games. A funny adult game involving trivia is always a big hit with an older crowd; there are DVD film trivia games that you can play but simply putting the game disc in your DVD player.

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Perhaps the most popular type of funny adult game, drinking games will ensure that everyone will have a good time and could even get ‘lucky’ as a result of released inhibitions! Drinking games can also be play on virtually any regular game by simply adding drinking rules (i.e. in Monopoly, you drink every time you pass ‘GO’, or you must drink one second for every twenty dollars you’re penalized). Card games and drinking games usually go hand-in-hand when speaking of funny adult games, however a lot of great card games can be played without alcohol. Funny card games like ‘Mao’ (a variation on Uno) involve rules that are tailor made to make people laugh (and get penalized while laughing!) Mature video games are another type of funny adult games that goes over great at parties. Putting in Rock Band and jamming out to some of the best bands in history is always a fun night out.

Place number of men on opposite side of adult area. When your ‘go’ all men must run to the partner & get in her lap. Women may tie the bib about man’s neck as well as start feeding him from bottle. Man may cling on to woman however he is not at all allowed to touch bottle with their hands. Once bottle is empty woman unties bib & both may run back to men’s starting place and winning couple is first one over finish line.

The second suggestion is of the fun pastime than the actual funny adult game. The ‘Body painting’ is made a bit competitive in case, you give the award at an end of painting session for most artistic and most risqué art body. You will have to spread out a few newspapers and the floor cloth for keeping paint from coloring carpet as well as you will require body paints and face crayons, some water and brushes.

Have your guests get in the groups of three as well as arrange themselves so that they will paint on one other’s body. They will paint anywhere on their body providing their painting partners are fine with that. At an end have everybody to admire one an other’s body art. This is the game that is reserved for funny adult so keep your kids out of that!

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