Getting rid of fleas in home

Those pesky little things that can jump up to 16 inches are the toughest pests to control. No matter how much we try to control them they just seem to keep coming back.

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The reality is that no matter how much we clean our pets, it will not be easy getting rid of fleas in homes.

No matter how much we treat our pets, the fleas find a way to get on to them somehow. Sometimes those pests can even get on us, on our carpet, couches and bed (if your pets sleep in bed with you or your children). So, what is the best way of getting rid of fleas in homes.

Getting rid of fleas in homes is almost impossible. But we certainly can try and control them.

Vacuum constantly and if you are sure that there are fleas in your house throw that vacuum bag out. First of, treat your pet. Try and kill those fleas. Giving your pet a bath and letting the soap or shampoo stay on your pet for more than 10 minutes could kill the fleas but probably not get rid of the eggs. Bathe your pets constantly to control multiplying of the fleas. There are natural remedies available to get rid of the fleas as well. Also, there are pills which you can get from your veterinarian and sprays to get rid of those fleas. How can we go about getting rid of fleas in homes?

If you suspect that there are fleas in your home, getting rid of fleas in your home is possible. First, treat your pet, bathe your pet if possible. Clean the house. Change the sheets on your bed. Vacuum thoroughly and then you can get a flea bomb and use the bomb, check the area a single canister can cover. Use the flea bombs and leave the house with your pet or leave the pet outside. After a few hours, when you return home, vacuum once again to pick up any dead fleas and throw that vacuum bag out. Vacuum not only on the exposed areas but under the couches, furniture and under the bed as well. The fleas like to jump from host to host although they would much rather stay on your pet but some may stray on humans.

If you have a flea bite that is infected, be sure to call your doctor for you may need either an antibiotic topical cream or oral antibiotics. Fleas could carry some diseases that may cause health problems albeit treatable and curable.

To try and keep your pet flea free, combing your pet with a flea comb can help control the outbreak of fleas. Once again, there are pills available and skin treatments to repel the fleas. Bathe your pets constantly and keep your house clean for getting rid of fleas in homes. For worse outbreaks, call a pest control company to help treat your home. All in all, getting rid of fleas in homes is possible and may take a lot of work. The secret is to not let the flea infestation get bad and to control the outbreak from the start and it starts from caring for your pet.

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