Hamburger casserole recipes

Hamburger casserole is a very delicious food which is available in western countries. It forms a major part of their food.

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There are several types of hamburger casserole recipes. All the hamburger casserole recipes are quite easy to prepare actually. We will see each one of the different hamburger casserole recipes one by one below:-

* Hamburger chilly casserole

The common ingredients that are required are 2 lbs. hamburger, ½ chilly brick, cheese and some chopped onions. The first step to prepare them is to mix all the ingredients together. Add some beaten eggs to it and also some additional things like carrot, lettuce and cucumber to it. Now, keep it inside an over and cook it at about 400 degrees F for about 4 to 5 minutes. Take it out. Now, the hamburger chilly casserole is hot and ready to eat.

* Hamburger and green peas casserole

This is another hamburger casserole recipe which is delicious to eat. The necessary ingredients are ½ hamburger, ½ chili powder, green beans, tomato soup of one can, chopped onions, sliced potatoes and salt and pepper. Place the green beans, onions, sliced potatoes in a pan and brown them properly. Take necessary care that they do not get overheated. Now, keep them all together in the ½ hamburger and place them in an oven and heat them for about 350 degrees F for 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Then, take them out and cool them for about 4 minutes. Now, they are all fit and ready to eat.

* Hamburger carrot casserole

The hamburger carrot casserole is another fancy food item in the US. The necessary ingredients are ½ hamburger, sliced carrots, chopped onions, 1 can of tomato soup for flavor and salt and pepper. Keep the carrots in a pan and heat them for about 5 minutes till the raw carrots become tender. Add all the ingredients to the mixture in the pan. Now, serve it over the baked potato. The hamburger carrot casserole is now ready to serve.

* Hamburger noodle casserole

This is a unique hamburger casserole recipe and it is worth trying. To prepare this, all you need is 1 lb hamburger, noodles, salt and pepper, 3.4 c. sour cream. First of all, cook the noodles in a frying pan. Mix all the ingredients together. Put it in casserole dish. Now, heat it in an oven until the bread crumbs are brown. It has to be heated at about 350 degrees F. Now, the hamburger noodle casserole is now ready to eat.

* Hamburger macaroni casserole

All we need to prepare this is 2cc of macaroni, salt and pepper for taste, tomato sauce, sliced cheese, chopped onions and ground beef. First, cook the macaroni as per the instructions. Brown the beef in skillet. Alternate the layers of macaroni, hamburger, tomato sauce and cheese slices. The next step is to cover and bake them at over 380 degrees F in an oven for about 4 minutes to 6 minutes. Now, take them out and they are all ready to eat.

Thus, the hamburger casserole recipes have been discussed.

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