Hamburger Seasoning Recipe

A good hamburger seasoning recipe is sure to add a great deal of zest to your hamburger: your guests will be wondering why your hamburgers taste better than anyone else’s. The following recipes require that you mix them with one to one and one-half pounds of hamburger prior to forming the hamburger meat into patties.

The first hamburger recipe contains the following ingredients:


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Two teaspoons of Paprika;
2. One and one-half teaspoons of ground black pepper;
3. One and one-quarter teaspoon of salt;
4. One-half teaspoon of brown sugar;
5. One-quarter teaspoon garlic powder;
6. One-quarter teaspoon onion powder; and,
7. One-quarter teaspoon ground cayenne pepper.

Notice in the above hamburger seasoning recipe the use of sweet ingredients incorporated with salty and hot spice. This is a key principle in creating great seasoning with respect to a hamburger seasoning recipe: You want if you can to always combine salty and sweet and when appropriate introduce a hot spice such as cayenne pepper to the mix. The combinations of tastes will make for a sensational tasting hamburger relative to our topic hamburger seasoning recipe. Now let’s see what ingredients make up the second hamburger seasoning recipe.

Hamburger seasoning recipe number two contains:

1. Two teaspoons A-1 steak sauce;
2. Two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce;
3. One-half teaspoon of garlic salt;
4. One-half teaspoon of onion powder; and,
5. One-half teaspoon of pepper.

Sauces with respect to our second hamburger seasoning recipe are sure to add plenty of zest to the meat.

The third hamburger seasoning recipe contains the following ingredients:

1. One tablespoon Worcestershire sauce;
2. Three ounces of quick oats;
3. Sea salt; and,
4. Fresh ground black pepper.

One quick note with regard to salt as it pertains to our hamburger seasoning recipe: The seasoning it has been said will take away from the flavor. However this is quite the debatable topic among cooks. A good many cooks state adding salt one hour before preparation will actually enhance the taste of the meat rather than take away from it. Further with regard to our topic hamburger seasoning recipe adding cracked pepper will certainly spice up your hamburger. Other spices, sauces and ingredients you may wish to consider when creating a hamburger seasoning recipe include Soy sauce, Cajun sauces (which will blacken the hamburger); Wasabi, Dry Onion Soup Mix, and most any natural herb.

Another hamburger seasoning recipe follows:

1. Three-quarters teaspoon of salt;
2. One-eighth teaspoon of pepper;
3. Two tablespoons of butter;
4. One tablespoon of prepared mustard;
5. One tablespoon of lemon juice;
6. One-half tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.

Yet another hamburger seasoning recipe ideal for those individuals who prefer a zesty burger is referred to as Sofrito and is prepared in the following manner.

First you will need to gather the ingredients for your Sofrito hamburger seasoning recipe which are found below:

1. Olive oil;
2. Minced garlic,
3. Onions,
4. Tomatoes,
5. Green peppers,
6. Chopped onions.

Directions with respect to the Sofrito hamburger seasoning recipe:

1. Heat the olive oil on medium-high heat with respect to the Sofrito hamburger seasoning recipe for a total of five minutes;
2. Next add the onions and cook until they become translucent.
3. Add the other ingredients included in the Sofrito hamburger seasoning recipe except for the garlic.
4. Cook the mixture for a few minutes and add the minced garlic; wait one minute.
5. Add the mixture to your ground beef along with some bread crumbs.
6. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper for some zest.
7. Last once you’ve cooked your hamburgers including the Sofrito hamburger seasoning recipe, top your hamburger with a slice of pepper jack cheese.

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