Heal a cut finger

Healing a cut finger is much easier than what most people would think. That is if the cut is fairly shallow.

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Minor cuts tend to have blood oozing out of it. This requires minimal bleeding control and can heal rather quickly with the right treatment. In this article I will be talking about how to heal a cut finger and a bit of how to control bleeding and how to treat a more severe cut.

A minor cut as mentioned requires very little attention. Once cut, be sure to clean the cut for any foreign contaminants that may be in it. For example if you cut yourself from a broken glass lying on the ground, you may want to be sure there are no small shards of glass and or dirt or sand. Foreign contaminants or objects in a cut will cause the cut to heal in a wrong way or heal longer while the body tries to expunge the particle/s. Wash the finger off under running water.

After making sure that the cut is clean you can either use isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Both of which is not really necessary, but thanks to what our parents showed us growing up we tend to believe it helps heal the wound faster. More on this in the latter part of this article. Once the cut has been washed and cleaned, it is best to let the cut air out and let dry on its own.

How to heal a cut finger if the cut is deep? First things first, control the bleeding. Generally if the cut is bleeding heavily or the blood is bright red and or spurting, it would be best to apply direct pressure to the wound. Apply the pressure for 3 to 5 minutes making sure that the pressure is constant. You do not have to keep checking it every few seconds to see if it is still bleeding. You apply the pressure to give your body time to coagulate or start the healing process by closing the bleeding capillaries. Once the pressure is applied it gives your body some time to start coagulating around the cut to stop the bleeding. Taking the pressure off too soon just refreshes the cut and peels off the coagulated blood that is trying to seal the cut. So, a constant pressure is necessary.

Once bleeding has stopped it is time to clean and disinfect the cut. It is the same way as healing a minor cut. Wash and disinfect. Odds are the cut may start bleeding again. Apply pressure, if the bleeding stops just let it air out. If there is still some bleeding from time to time apply bandage or as most commonly know, a band aid.

The use of alcohol is mainly for disinfection of the surface area. Alcohol is a drying agent and pulls the skin which then makes the cut heal incorrectly and may cause scarring. According to researchers hydrogen peroxide has very little ability to decrease bacteria in wounds, cuts or scrapes. It can actually inflame the skin surrounding the cut and the healthy skin cells further the time for the cut to heal. All in all, the best thing for your cut is letting it dry out by its self. A band aid only seals moisture and increases the time to heal a finger.

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