High jump technique

High jump technique is not as easy as it may look so. High jump technique is not simply jumping over a pile of cushions and landing in water.

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It involves much more danger and strain than that. Lots of training is required for this game. A single day practice will not make you a high jumper by any stretch of imagination.

High jump technique is generally composed of 3 important stages. Let us explain each one of them in detail.

* The approach

This is the first step in performing a high jump. The objective of the purpose is to put the body in the best comfortable position possible for the high jump. This is a very important phase and this phase is not given much important by several training books and coaches. When it comes to a high jump, everyone wants to just take a long run and jump over the bar and they are least concerned about the approach. There has to be a certain level of discipline and consistency in the approach. Else jumping high will not be that much easy to come by. The approach is divided into 3 basic steps. Let us see them one by one.

o Running straight

The person can achieve speed and momentum if he or she happens to run straight. Once the person has achieved a comfortable speed, then the body can be easily moved into the next variation without much trouble.

o The transition

This is very important because it helps the athlete to run the last part or session correctly and it also aids to position the structure of the body to help them to run towards the bar.

o The curve

Once enough speed and momentum has been gathered, the next step is to takeoff for the jump. Enough time must be spent in practicing this step.

* The takeoff

In order for the takeoff to be successful, consistency holds the key. During takeoff, proper foot placement is very much necessary as it helps to avoid injuries. The body must lean well and the foot placements also must be nice and proper to finish the takeoff. Leaning is needed because it helps the athlete to produce three rotational forces which helps to clear the bar. They are:-

o Lateral somersaulting rotation

This force is mainly generated by the athlete to jump straight up in the air.

o Forward somersaulting rotation

The backward lean is important for this rotational force and it helps the body to cross over the bar.

o Transverse rotation

This is used to get the back to the bar. The knee is capable of driving and stopping itself in this phase and this process is also called as blocking.

* The flight

This is the most important phase of a high jump technique and this is the phase where most novice high jumpers and inexperienced coaches spend most of their time upon. In a flight, there are three important body parts that are involved namely the head and shoulders, hips and the legs and feet. Proper care must be taken of these body parts and their positions during a jump.

Thus, the important factors of a high jump technique have been discussed.

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