History of Walt Disney

This information shows the history of Walt Disney. First the Walt Disney company known as only Disney.

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At present also and past also it is being the largest entertainment media in the whole world. Coming to the history of Walt Disney was founded by two brothers Walt Disney and Roy Disney in 16th October 1923 in a small studio which is become the one of the largest studio in the world. Walt Disney has a very broad network. Its head quarter is in Burbank which is in California.

Walt Disney has numbers of mediums for entertainment like television, travel, radio etc. Walt Disney studio consists Walt Disney music group, Walt Disney picture group, theater, radio station. Consumer product media group, resorts and parks etc. on 31st Aug 2009 Walt Disney took a plan to acquire Marvel entertainment, the comic book publisher.
They also want to change the Marvel brand to Disney brand. Both company’s boards decided to merger the plan. They created many characters that are world famous and every decade there are popularity is increasing. This Walt Disney also some times criticized by animal welfare groups because of their care of and procedures for wild animals at the park of Disney kingdom. With this blame also history of Walt Disney is able to being world famous.

They also create many employment skim. Many people are getting employed due to Walt Disney since the last 10 years. The good thing about working there is cruise life which is full of fun and excitement. Cruise ship is an experience and fun and rewarding to many and also staying in abroad is one experience. Of course these things are not in every one’s life. Crew members are needed to be model citizens in all times. This is work place free of drug. So many people now want to get a gob in Disney world.

The biggest achievement of Walt Disney was creation of Mickey Mouse- Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 15th may 1928 as a replacement of cartoon character Lucky rabbit. Mickey is the most famous cartoon character in the whole world. Minnie Mouse also created along with Mickey in the same date. The birth day celebration of all carton characters are done by the Walt Disney Company every year in the date they were created. Although Mickey and Minnie were created in may but their birth day celebrated in 18th Nov 1928 because in this date classic cartoon Steamboat Willie was released and after this release the popularity of Mickey increases a lot. Mickey came in 120 cartoon film and even more than that. First speaking character of Mickey came in 1929 at THE KARNIVAL KID. In 1955 Mickey Mouse club is debuted and in 1977 and 1990 it was revived twice.

Then after this creation they created many characters like Betty Boop, Goofy, Donald duck, Louie, etc who gain many achievements and became famous world wide in the history of Walt Disney. Every body like to watch cartoon movies for entertainment and fun with their family and friends so this history of Walt Disney now is one of the biggest media in the world.

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